Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Our Hero's Meet: Deadlands Feb. 25 1875

Game Log

Feb. 25 1875

Heading west towards Denver via stagecoach.

Dr. Pat Bedlam and companion Corky
Joe Cobb
Rev. Ainsworthy
Daren Atkins
Dancing Crow
Jebediah Hackett

All meet on Stagecoach out of Lanick Kansas heading west to Denver Colorado. Transit is broken by two stops for fresh horses and necessary things like leg stretching, then layover in the town of Colby Kansas.
While in the Colby Saloon a Snake oil Salesman named Cyrus Slater comes in to sell his wares to the townsfolk. The Bartender doesn’t seem to like him but allows this anyway. Slater invites folks to come outside to view his wares in his wagon, and this brings Dr. Pat, Daren Atkins, Joe Cobb, Jebediah and Reverend Ainsworthy out to at least satisfy their curiosity. Dr. Pat and Daren Atkins both notice tucked away in the back of his many jars and packets is a large glass jar with a human head inside.
When questioned, the salesman describes the fellow as a victim of a hemp necktie and offers to sell the novelty for $50. No one bites though some folks purchase vials of the preservative fluid the head is stored in, and soon satisfied he’s made enough sales, Cyrus Slater says good night and leaves (his wagon is stored in the Livery next door and he goes upstairs to his room in the Saloon.) (As he goes Dr. Pat notes bulges under his coat and sleeve that may indicate Mr. Slater is armed.)
Some hours later in the Saloon an already drunk man comes in looking for a fellow named “Clay”. The Bartender tells him the fellow’s not here and tries to get the drunk man named Clark to calm down. Clark refuses to believe Clay hasn’t been in the Saloon and angrily demands a drink which the Bartender refuses because he thinks Clark has had enough. Then Clark attacks him, smashing the Bartender’s face into the bar. Many other folks fearing a confrontation have left but the Reverend, Joe Cobb and Daren Atkins step up to try and stop the drunk. Daren gets a bloody nose trying to restrain Clark’s hand and then Joe Cobb steps up an overawes Clark and finally intimidates him into leaving to look for Clay elsewhere. The Bartender is grateful for the help and gives out drink on him and then makes the last call announcement.
The next morning the travelers gather and get back into the Stage which has a new driver whose son is accompanying him.


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