Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Dread Not the Dreadnought!

Dread Not the Dreadnought!

The Clockwork Sergeant steps forward and clasps Joe’s wrist creating a horrible spasm of pain in Joes hand so that he drops his gun. Joe retreats and casts his soul blast hex to great effect. An eerie mist of grey slams into the Sergeant’s head and then his head just disappears except for a few metal bits such as his jaw, cheekbone and a plate on the top of his head. The Sergeant falls over.

It’s not over yet though for the Posse. The Dreadnought steps out of the washbasin with a heavy thunk on the wooden floor of the warehouse. His weight causes some crates to tumble and Jeb notices to his right a hole in the floor opened up. It takes him a moment to realize, but it has opened up into one of the vats from the floor below.

Ignoring the Pendulum Men attacking the posse in front of him the Dreadnought fires with his gatling arm again, this time at Daren and Dancing Crow. Most of the fire hits the crates they’re hiding behind. Jeb decides to shoot at the chains holding Dr. Routledge over on the other side of the large washbasin. Dancing Crow whips at one of the Pendulum men threatening her and Daren. The Posse see more figures approaching, these look different and there’s one coming out of the hole in the floor.

More of the Pendulum Men are put down by the Posse. Then the Posse hear a grinding whirring noise over their heads and a large hook on a crane arm lowers down and swings at the Dreadnought knocking the main light instead sending it swinging. Joe knows who’s probably responsible, since he remembers seeing Jack Routledge climbing up the ladder earlier.

Joe uses his Phantom fingers hex to retrieve his gun, and Daren swipes a gun from a “dead” Pendulum Man. Jeb seeing new naked wet things approaching him he decides to make a strategic retreat. As they come closer everyone observes that these new attackers are human looking but like the Dreadnought they are wet and they are not wearing any clothing. Joe and Dancing Crow notice one of the new, “vat zombies” (we’ll call them since that’s why they’re still wet), stumbles and knocks into the leg of the Dreadnought. A hiss and some vapor arise from this inadvertent contact. Daren runs across the warehouse floor to Dr. Routledge’s side to free him from his chains and get him out of this place of horror.

Vat Zombies are attacking with their hands and improvised clubs made of spare arms and legs. Dr. Pat decides to go up to the crane thing over their heads and see if there’s anything she can do up there. Dancing Crow also decides to retreat from the Vat Zombies menacing her and the Reverend is also retreating. Finally Daren is able to get Dr. Routledge free and they run for the office where the Posse came in.

Dr. Pat reviews the situation having found young Jack at the controls of the crane and with a quick study of the crane and the samples of the vats she’d taken earlier she discovers that when the substances in Vat 3 and Vat 1 are mixed they create a very energetic and powerful acid. Since Dr. Pat’s certain that the creature is covered with the substance from Vat number 3 it’s obvious that if the crane can lift the Dreadnought and drop it into Vat 1 then the creature should be destroyed. And if that fails well, she’s always got Stablemite (a more stable version of dynamite).

Jack is willing to help and after familiarizing herself with the controls of the Crane the Dr. manages to hook the backside of the Dreadnought, lifts it up and drops it into the Vat 1 as planned. A tremendous crash followed by a thick vapor rises out of the hissing mess below. It’s a positive sign of success and since the Rest of the Posse has retreated, Dr. Pat decides that they should follow their example.


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