Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Fight Fight Fight!

Fight, Fight, Fight!

On exiting the inn the Posse see three men in long dark coats, scarves and hats holding a struggling boy who they are trying to drag towards a coach waiting at the corner. It’s the boy who they heard crying out for help and on seeing them he cries out again just before the man who has the best hold on him clamps a hand over his mouth.

After it’s clear they aren’t going to stop just because the Posse orders them to, the Posse moves to intercept them and the two men who aren’t actively dragging the boy towards the coach also attack. Three more men step from the shadows to join the fight. As they trade blows each of the Posse notices two interesting things about their opponents: they smell horrible, and they have a deep rhythmic ticking noise coming from the center of their chests. The smell is reminiscent of the slaughter house mixed with burnt oil.

Jeb goes back into the Inn to get his rifle. Joe Cobb notices one other of these men sitting on the waiting coach and he decides to cast a hex to get those horses moving with a tug of the reins he has control of the coach reins and then uses them to flick the two horses’ rumps. Daren is having trouble and is missing his gun as he fights, and Dancing Crow is using her whip. None of these strange men say anything or react to receiving blows the way that one would expect them too – they are eerily mute.

Finally the Reverend pushed one over. Dr. Pat pulls out Dynamite and a lighter and threatens all of the ticking men to stop or they’ll be blown to hell. The threat works, at least somewhat because they stop moving and then start backing away slowly. Meanwhile Dancing Crow has used her shaman magic to sabotage the one fighting her and Daren because she believes it isn’t a natural man per se but a vile creation of White men. Also, after an incredible bluff, Jeb has got his rifle and is heading back outside.

The Reverend has been kicking the one on the ground and Joe Cobb has started running towards the coach when as one all the strange men start running away including the coach driver. Daren manages to get the unconscious boy out of the arms of the one who has him. As the mute men scatter, Joe jumps up on one of the horses and Dancing Crow whips one of the men to trip and fall to the ground. Then the strangest thing happens, both of the men on the ground are being left behind and they draw guns and shoot themselves in the chest.

Jeb seeing it’s all over as Daren brings the boy inside, goes back to the desk and explains he’s going to need to keep his gun while staying in Denver and bluffs again that he’s a law man of some sort and then gives his name as “Joe Cobb” to the Hotel Concierge.

It takes a bit of doing but Joe manages to get the horses under control and ends up leading them and coach back to the Hotel. The rest of the Posse decide to clean up and cover up the whole thing so the bodies are picked up and brought up through the back to the rooms upstairs.


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