Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Interrogations and Rescue Operations

Interrogations and rescue operations
The Posse discuss for a while longer, interrogating Philip and discover his name is Philip Clarkson and is the fellow responsible for the train robbery that the Posse were dealing with when they were on their way to the Arapaho winter camp. So they send most of the indians and all of Philips gang and the two deputies back with Lenny and Dr. Wright to Deadwood. Raven society members are to be taken back to the Indian village by the non society members and one of the non members (Tree Frog) comes with Dancing crow and the others to Wolf meadow where they are to leave Dr. Fudge.
Dr. Fudge, the Reverend, Evelyn and Corky all ride the auto gyro to the meadow and they plan on putting the Reverend in the suit and leaving as the note requests. The rest of the Posse go by horseback led by Dancing Crow to the meadow and scout looking for signs of watchers and ambush.
The auto gyro lands with the reverend and Dr. Fudge having switched outfits and Corky hiding in the munitions trunk. Evelyn and Dr Fudge leave them and go to investigate the site of a campfire that Evelyn saw as they circled and landed the autogyro. Once there she finds signs of someone (probably Indian) leaving by horse and then she follows tracks of another Indian who she finds in a tree as a lookout. She then shoots the poor fellow and he falls. She interrogates him, and ties him to a tree after he requests she knock him out. She gets the location of Dr. Pat’s cave out of him. The posse reconnect and share information. The decision is made to go for the cave.
So the Reverend gets out of the suit they empty the autogyro’s tank of gas and put his suit on the ground filled with hay and posed to look real. Then they follow the directions from the scout. Knowing that there are lookouts posted outside the cave they sneak up and sight one on top of the cliff above the cave entrance. Then Daren climbs up and slits the fellows throat, but he forgets that this action might stimulate the Wendigo Taint and he has afterwards an insatiable desire to eat the fellow. Jeb who is watching from the ground figures out after a bit that Daren is in trouble and tells Dancing Crow. She goes up to get Daren and manages to get him to stop eating. While they are sneaking around one of the other scouts comes out of the cave and hears Dancing Crow. The posse start shooting.
(Dr. Pat inside hears the shots and using Science! gets out of the chains the Indians put on the Doctor. Dr. Pat has been working on the robot that the Indians seemed to want made and has been cooperative with them in order to learn more about why they’ve requested the robot.)
The other two Indian guards go out of the cave and join the fray but all end up shot and dead after Daren and Evelyn have had a chance to shoot at them. Night has fallen and it’s obvious that there’s some light inside the cave so the Posse enter the cave with guns drawn and find Dr. Pat out of chains testing the robot and eager to show them this latest creation.
“So Doctor were you aware that you’d been kidnapped or have you just been puttering away here oblivious to anything but your work?” asks Evelyn.
After some sorting of the bodies Evelyn also notices that the Indian Daren took out is gnawed on and she declares “we best move on out of here because there’s a bear out here.” So the further discussion of what Doctor Pat’s been through is delayed til the Posse’s return to Deadwood. Once there they share information and learn about what Dr. Pat went through. Dr. Pat was interviewed by an Indian in black and white chief’s headdress and black warpaint before being moved to the cave where the Posse found the Doctor. All the Indians there were in warpaint like skull face and the cave was full of boxes with S&R on them. The Posse determine that this cave is important to find. So they rest in Deadwood’s saloon and Hotel for the night.
The next morning Dancing Crow goes with Tree Frog to the nearest Indian Village where the patrols are formed up and reports further on the bodies of raven society members found at the cave. The rest of the Posse go back out to the Autogyro with Dr. Fudge and Dr. Wright and they fill the tank and take off. There are signs that someone came to the meadow and the Indian Scout Evelyn tied up is also gone. The Posse go to the cave where Dr. Pat was kept and find the bodies are gone. They follow the tracks which lead them back to the Indian Village where they meet up with Dancing Crow and Tree Frog. Dancing Crow has been conferring with the Shaman of that village Stirs Fire about the number of people who have taken the old ways oath. (many but not everyone)
The Posse decide to try again to find the caves and head out to follow tracks but only seem to be finding the common trails of the Patrols. Then Tree Frog suggests that they try to head north via the creek which is shallow and relatively flat. Since Dr. Pat thinks the first cave was to the north of Doctor Pat’s work cave the decision is easy to make. They find some signs of a recent crossing of the creek and decide to follow.
They then come upon a lone teepee. Jeb decides to sneak up on it while the others hide the horses in some nearby trees and he almost gets to the teepee’s side when a young Indian woman comes out and screams, running back inside. After Evelyn and Jeb lift the side and threaten the young woman drops the gun she’s using to defend the man inside and they enter. The rest of the Posse join them shortly after wards and find that the man inside is the injured scout that Evelyn shot out of the tree the night before.
Evelyn through intimidation insists that the indian help the Posse find the cave or caves where Dr. Pat was taken and also where to find Raven the leader of the Raven Society. He starts to talk but is angry and argues against the value of any of it, also revealing that the Deadwood mining Association leader Frank Bryant and his buddies have been sabotaging the mines and blaming it on the spirits and that they were also responsible for the death of Standing Horse.


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