Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Investigation, Fire Suffocation, and Bloody Confrontation

Investigation, Fire Suffocation, and Bloody Confrontation

After discussion of the note about Dr. Pat and what to do about it, the posse split up to investigate and see if they can get answers to some critical questions. Who were those braves that ambushed them? Is this the day of the S&R attempt or tomorrow? Who’s behind this Doctor napping? Who can we get to help us?

Meanwhile Dancing Crow goes to the nearest of the Sioux villages to tell them about the two braves and deliver their medicine bags. While there she talks to several people about the Raven Society and what happened. She also learns that Crazy Horse is in town about his brother’s body and the investigation into Standing Horse’s death and the Shaman suggests that next time she not hand over bodies of Sioux braves to white men.

The Reverend, Corky, Joe, Jeb and Daren stay in Deadwood and make arrangements for someone at the hotel to watch Dr. Pat’s room and they go over to the Sheriff’s office to talk with Seth Bullock. They find he is occupied in a tense discussion with Crazy Horse regarding his brother’s body. Crazy Horse is demanding the body. The other two braves are brought out along with Standing Horse and Crazy Horse looks at them all. He identifies the two warriors and brothers of the Sioux tribe: Brule. He says “everyone knows about the Raven Society, we just don’t talk about it.” It’s a tense moment but eventually they leave with the bodies and the Posse get to talk with Seth Bullock about their missing Doctor. He is naturally concerned and offers two of his deputies to accompany the Posse when they talk with and arrange the exchange with Dr. Fudge. They will of course not be working with the Posse in an official or obvious way. Dancing Crow manages to rejoin them towards the end of encounter.

Meanwhile, Evelyn is using her investigative instincts to gather information from the saloons and other places in Deadwood. She gets a tip about a shipment coming in to the city from S&R so she talks with the Station Master and learns about a delicate shipment for the attempt to put out Satan’s garden planned for that day. She also learns that the Claims and Assaying office would have the information about the attempt as well and that the head of the office is a Giuseppe Maraposa.

She ends up talking with a clerk over at the Claims and Assaying office of Deadwood who confirms the plan for the attempt and confides in her that he finds it odd that the Indians are the ones who due to the Treaty get the money or compensation for the mining operations around Deadwood but that none of them seem to be running the Claims and Assaying office itself. He says it’s odd that they would trust white men with this when they don’t trust them for much else.

Since the train coming in with the S&R shipment is due at 2 pm the Posse plus two undercover deputies meet the S&R man Lenny Boyer at the station and accompany him and his tanks to the Chance Venture Mine (A.K.A. Satans Garden). They also meet six scruffy looking fellows led by a Phillip who claim to have been sent by the Miners Association and Frank Bryant to observe the proceedings. At the edge of town they are also joined by their escort of six Indian Braves.

This group is met out at the safe distance mark from the Mine by Dr. Fudge and his colleague Dr. Thaddeus Wright who with Lenny’s help set up the device closer in to the Mine fire. The device that Andrew Fudge is testing for S&R is known as the Extinguisher 1000. It is a massive compressor that turns the contents of the tanks brought by Lenny into a thick foamy concoction that it shoots out and coats the rock face. It then hardens. They seem to be successful and after awhile the Doctors take off their helmets and start to disassemble the device.

Corky and some of the others go down to explain the situation to Dr. Fudge and after some consideration and a discussion with his colleagues Dr. Fudge says he’s willing to help. Then one of the young white ruffians starts shooting at the Indians. The rough looking fellows had started flanking the scientists on one side and then the Indian Braves on their horses started moving up as well. It doesn’t go well as nearly everyone on each side is wounded and most of Phillip’s guys are bleeding out on the ground because the Posse in the middle decide to shoot them instead of the Indians.

(After the blood smell hits the air from all the people bleeding out, some of the Posse are struck once more by the Wendigo Taint, but with some effort they manage to control themselves before any one witnesses actual eating of flesh.)

There are three warriors among the Indians who are Raven Society members who tried to snatch Dr. Fudge during the fight. The Posse begins to heal and interrogate the Indians and Philip’s group. When one of the Raven Society members is asked why he was trying to snatch the Doctor, he replies “why weren’t you?” Phillip is intimidated into telling who sent his guys: a Maraposa. He says he was told that the Posse would need help with the Indians. . .so it looks as though the people who have Doctor Pat are Indians, probably Raven Society, or maybe it’s this Maraposa? The Posse have much to do and decide.


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