Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Lazarus Colorado

Arriving in the town of Lazarus
The Posse heal and investigate the bodies. Talking with the midget Ignacious Blye and Susan Donnelly reveal that they were attacked by the walking dead. The search of pockets and the scene reveal that the dead man in the wagon was a Lieutenant Montgomery Hamilton and all the other walking dead were probably former confederate soldiers. Though Susan doesn’t seem quite herself after a while, she’s a lovely young woman with a crescent shaped red birth mark on the side of her throat.
Susan goes into a strange trance state and the Reverend is concerned for her so he begins the exorcism process. After a while she starts talking to the Reverend about his “witnessing” evil. Her eyes have clouded over and once the Reverend finishes the exorcism they return to normal and Susan wakes up in the morning and is herself again.
The Posse return to Mount Agatha and are rewarded by Susan’s Father. They decide to rest that day in town and then continue on in the morning. Susan and her Father who were warned about the strange state of her eyes also are heading home that morning. Ignacious Blye heads on north.
After camping a second night on the road the Posse arrive mid day into the town of Lazarus. While most of the group go and check out the Lazarus Hotel and saloon, Dr. Pat and Corky go to see Henry Kane. Mr. Kane tells them about Morris’ mansion and the land he owns in the area too. The Posse head out to the Mansion.
The Mansion is big and creepy. The first thing that strikes the Posse as strange is the lack of furniture and the ghostly uncle Morris who’s there with them also remarks on that and says he’s going to ask Henry about that so he disappears. The Posse follow the scraping marks on the floors and walls to the door for the basement. Going down the stairs to the dirt floor they find that the furniture is piled up in a large mound dividing the cellar. Investigating they find that there’s a makeshift altar and book with dead chicken on that side of the cellar. The dead chicken appears to be the source of the foul smell. The book entitled: Midnight Circle by Sylvester Cyruss is full of spells in latin. After some comments Morris admits that he tried a spell, the one for luck, but he urges his heirs to burn the book because it didn’t work for him, obviously, as he died two days after his attempt.
After further investigation and the hauling of all the furniture out to burn in a big bonfire, the posse splits and the heirs stay in the mansion and the rest bed down inside the stables instead, since the house is so creepy. While passing the night successfully in the house, neither Dr. Pat or Corky feel like they got very good sleep and not just because they bedded down without beds.
That morning the Posse head back into Lazarus to get supplies and recruit help for the Mansion and Morristown. Uncle Morris shared that he had planned on building a town to take advantage of the rail coming through this area. Making contact with the Sherrif and hiring labor as well as talking with Henry Kane again takes most of the day so the Posse dine in the Thunder Horse saloon. A brawl breaks out over cheating at cards and Joe Cobb and Jebediah end up in the Hoosegow.
While in the jail they meet Jonas (Lips) Barclay and learn about a nearby mine he’s working on called Christian’s Folly. Apparently the mining town boomed for a few short months and then became a ghost town. Lips flaps a lot so Jeb also meets two of his companions who don’t seem as interested in Jonas spilling so much about their mining operations. Clyde and Jose seem annoyed and urge Jonas to shut up. Strange thing is Jonas seems too well dressed to be a miner, but who knows! maybe he dressed up for his night in town.
After spending the night in jail Jeb and Joe are even less friendly but maybe it’s a lack of sleep. The rest of the Posse stayed in the Hotel, but all decide to return to the Mansion because the Reverend wants to try and exorcise the Mansion.


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