Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Leaving the City of Denver

Leaving the City of Denver

After reuniting the father and son outside the warehouse the Posse notice that the warehouse is on fire and decide to get away from there before someone comes along and blames them for the fiasco. On the way they happen to see folks heading towards the fire down an alley and one of them looks familiar, like that snake oil salesman Cyrus Slater who they ran into back in Colby.

After tending to a few other minor errands the posse pack up and head north to find the winter camp of the Arapaho where Kibechay’s kin live. Dr. Pat decides to stay in Denver and join them later on as the good Dr. wants to learn as much as possible from Dr. Routledge, and work on getting Stablemite marketed for production. Corky comes with the posse who are led by Dancing Crow north. One night passes uneventfully and then early the next day the posse hear a loud skreetching crash noise up ahead. A train has crashed into the ravine the posse are traveling through and there are bandit’s shooting at the survivors.

After fighting the bandits and scaring them off the Posse investigate and find many folks injured and some dead. A spoiled young woman named Ms. Laura Giles expresses concern about the rest of the train including her baggage as the baggage car was still stranded up the tracks. The posse investigate and find some people brutally killed and strange stilt like tracks leading off the train tracks and into the brush and undergrowth on the mountain.

After relocating the survivors down in the ravine and making camp that night the posse hear strange scritching noises in the train. Investigations the next morning show that the bodies are missing. The Posse and Ms. Giles go up to the other portion of the train to see if the bodies are missing there too and Jeb uses tracking to follow the stilt marks. Jeb, Daren and Ms. Giles enter a clearing and the dirt looks recently dug in to Daren. Jeb starts to dig up some of the dirt and then a dead hand thrusts up at him and four dead bodies claw their way to the surface frightening the four of them. Jeb gets shook up and earns a minor phobia of loose dirt. Ms. Giles is stunned and unsteady staring at one of the dead people standing up out of the dirt and coming towards them.

Daren discovers that his head shots with pistol don’t put these creature’s down. In fact after a few shots enough pieces of the flesh fall off to reveal the bug like things underneath that are moving the dead bodies.

Having heard the shots the rest of the Posse climb the trail to try and help them, but it takes them some time to get there. By the time they arrive Ms. Giles has recovered herself and pulls out a big gatling pistol and shoots the one coming at her and yells out “Aim for the center mass!” The rest of the posse manage to arrive in time to hear this and help put the last of the creature’s down. However, these four bodies are only some of the missing bodies from the train.

Discussing what has happened Ms Giles explains her possession of a gatling pistol as “anyone with $1000. dollars and the right catalog can have one!” which makes Jeb comment under his breath that he’s “going to marry Ms. Giles.”


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