Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Look, Look, Look!

Look, Look, Look!

The Posse gather up the bodies, the boy and begin to investigate, while the Denver Police come by to see what the ruckus is all about downstairs. Dr. Pat examines the bodies and discovers the impressive clockwork pumps inside the bodies of the ticking men. While doing this the bathrobe man reappears to Dr. Pat and Corky and he finally speaks indicating he’s glad to not be able to smell the bodies. Corky and Dr. Pat decide to name the fellow Edgar since he’s not willing to talk about his name and only says “I’m just observing right now.”

Meanwhile the Reverend, Dancing Crow and Daren are searching the room that the boy is staying in up on the 4th floor, and they discover that his name is Jack Routledge and that he is a runaway. Jack is looking for his father who stopped writing a little over two months previous, just after arriving in Denver. Jack is a very determined 9 year old who loves his father.

After the initial investigations the Posse rest and take up searching out clues based on the leads they gleaned the next day. The coach company Holladay Livery (near Holladay street just outside the warehouse district) was given a false address so that lead only gives an indication that maybe Dr. Routledge is behind the tick tock men’s attempt to collect his son. The boots of the corpses lead them to a cobbler- Ives Cobblery down near the warehouse district. The Cobbler there says it was part of a mail order purchase of a lot of a hundred pairs that was picked up by a mute indian.

Meanwhile the good Dr Pat and Corky have been researching in the library and Dr. Pat determines that Dr. Ellis F. Routledge is a well renowned expert in clockwork automata. This combined with the clockwork itself inside the corpses has Dr. Pat convinced that Dr. Routledge is the one responsible for their construction. At lunch the Posse share info again and the decision is made to go to the morgue and to investigate the clock work since much of it looks to be re-purposed from pocket watches and clocks.

First they talk with Willy Dupree the porter who gave young Jack the note. After persuasion Willy tells them about the Mute who came to the door with a note and as it happens he still has the note in his pocket:

My Dear Sir,

Please excuse the note, but I have a throat condition and find speech painful. My son Jack Routledge is in room 16. He is waiting for me to collect him. Would you be so kind as to ask him to be packed and ready, and meet me at the side door, as soon as possible. I attach my handkerchief so that he will recognize that it is his father who writes this note. Thank you, and please keep the five dollars as a rewards for your efforts.

Yours, Ellis F. Routledge, Ph.D.

At the visit to a local clock shop and jewelers the Posse learn that there have been several thefts at the other shops in Denver but not yet at that one. (It is the one in the nicest part of town.)

At the Morgue they meet the new french lead Mortician Pierre Dulac who is creating heaps of scandal in Denver by displaying the nude bodies of the recently deceased who need identifying behind a glass wall with their belongings on display and just about everything else too. Once they talk to Pierre he is cooperative and identifies the bodies of the tick tock men as having been logged into the morgue previously – and as having been cremated too. Since he has many assistants and won’t allow his staff to be interviewed without the police’s involvement, the Posse agree to go to the Police with what they know and then concoct a plan to spy on the Morgue after dark to see if there are any suspicious people receiving bodies.

Jack Routledge is with them and is very excited to assist in this effort and after much conversation and consoling agrees to stay out of that very dangerous plan.


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