Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Mansion Mayhem

Mansion Mayhem – May 5th 1875
The evening of April 30th approaches and the Reverend is nearly done with his sanctify ceremony, but he is concerned that the final hour or two will be the most difficult. With the final rites about to begin the Reverend Ainsworthy asks for the rest of the Posse to help protect him when he’s in prayer. The circle he sets up in the basement is circumscribed with holy water and 14 candles. At first the final hours seem only to be filled with the dismal view of the basement and his prayer, then, a strange white fuzz starts to appear on all of the surfaces. It grows thicker and thicker and covers everything. The Posse inside the circle burn it off out of the circle with their torches. The fuzz is spider webbing. Then the fuzz begins to move with a rippling surface as if it were water.
Jeb and Evelyn burn off some more outside the circle and discover why it is moving: spiders, thousands of the fist sized spiders. Jeb and Corky both are stunned by this sight and the swarms of spiders attack, even dropping on the group from the ceiling. The Posse manage to work together to fight them but it is a terrifying effort. The ceremony continues as does the goal to keep the Reverend protected. Then they hear the rumbling sounds of earth moving, and the house starts to jiggle. A huge thumping starts at the load of weight put across the top of the well.
The reverend has achieved a state of inner peace in his holy prayers and is safely oblivious of the next horrors the rest of the Posse fight. The jiggling of the foundations continues and then over by the end of the house where the well is, a huge sink hole opens up and a gigantic spider rears it’s ugly head. The posse fight and shoot at it and its accompanying two regular giant spiders. Meanwhile the Reverend is having a vision, or revelation. His god shows him a gate in a place filled with evil horrors and the gate has obviously been unsealed as there are symbols around it that have been destroyed. One phrase echoes in the Reverends head: “Close the Door”
At that a burst of holy power radiates out of the Reverend and flows around everyone. The ceremony is complete and the Mansion is now sanctified ground. The Seeth or giant spider things are smoking. Interestingly Dr. Pat and Corky both hear their Uncle Morris Screaming. Dr. Pat wonders why but the Ghost can’t answer and only screams. Corky has a thought and runs upstairs past Dancing Crow and the young working fellow Alex that the Posse recruited through adversity when they rescued him from the spider things. As she passes Dancing Crow, Corky says “I need something from upstairs!”
Shortly after that Dancing Crow hears Corky run out of the front door. Thinking this odd Dancing Crow runs out after Corky and notes that she’s smoking. When she gets to the road Corky stops. Dancing Crow sees what she’s got, the book Media Nocte Circulus (Midnight Circle) that her Uncle used to perform the spell which killed him. Dancing Crow tries to take the book from Corky. They struggle a bit before Dancing Crow gets Corky in a running tackle. Only once she’s knocked Corky out can Dancing Crow take the book from her and set it on fire.
Meanwhile the rest of the Posse continue to fight the Seething mass and giant spiders which are burning. Once they are all dead everyone comes upstairs and cleans up. Corky’s issues and upset over the book are discussed. Corky regains consciousness and is upset and goes up to her room to stew.
The next few days are spent in clean up and making arrangements for the workmen to come back and continue working on building Morristown. Dr. Pat and the Reverend try to council Corky but it isn’t until the Reverend meditates and feels certain that their Uncle Morris is at peace that Corky stops avoiding the rest of the group. A visit to Lazarus and Henry Kane finishes up much of the preparations for the group to head further south. It is decided that Joe Cobb and Jeb will stay behind to help manage affairs in town and at the Mansion. Joe has started a lucrative faro table at the local Saloon and Jeb is interested in doing some assaying on Dr. Pat’s land and investigating the other mining options in the area.
At last the Posse head south looking for the Apache so that Dancing Crow may deliver the message she was instructed to bring them. The second night out the Posse stay in the town of Rocky Ford. While eating breakfast the next morning the Posse hear shots and some screams. They investigate and find a scene of carnage. Someone lost their mind and shot up the local General store. Mortimer Tarpely (Owner of the store) and his daughter are both dead and three others are injured. The shooter, John Sutler is a local businessman and land owner. No one knows why he would do such a thing. One of the witnesses says he asked Mort for something and then shot him when he was told the store didn’t have it in stock.
Now the Posse have almost been deputized already by the Sheriff, but certainly their curiosity is piqued so they decide to delay their departure.


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