Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Money Can't Buy Everything!

Money Can’t Buy Everything!

After getting everything together the Posse depart for parts south. They stop in with the remnants of the Arapaho winter camp and in Denver. Daren undertakes some further research in Denver for his family and a friend. Evelyn checks in with the Denver Pinkerton office. Daren picks up the money promised by Laura Giles for the Posse’s help with the Husker situation.

They travel south again towards Lazarus Colorado Territory and the second day south of Denver come to the town of Mount Agatha. It’s late enough in the day and the town has a saloon and hotel so the Posse decide to stay. While gathered in the Saloon they over hear a loud conversation as a very angry man shouts down the town Sheriff. The Sheriff tells them he made a dreadful mistake and the fellow believes his daughter is alive but the Sheriff assures the Posse that she isn’t and urges them to talk with the man themselves.

The Posse talk with Xavier Donnelly and learn that his daughter has a strange sickness where she can lose time and fall into states of stupor that seem like death. The Sheriff had unwittingly sold what he believed was her corpse to a man named Ignacious Blye who then had left town. Xavier Donnelly desparate to have his daughter back begged the Posse to go after them and said he would pay handsomely too.

So before the trail got just that much colder the Posse head off after Ignacious Blye. They follow the tracks to a farmstead with a family of four, all dead, their heads cracked open and their brains missing. The disturbing signs of gnawing on the bodies really bothered the Posse. They continued to follow the trail of the wagon and came upon a scene that looked like the signs of a struggle had happened.

A groaning sound is heard and the Posse find a fellow who’s lost the lower half of his body. It’s really surprising that he’s still alive, but…oh look at that, he’s not really alive after all but is some horrible undead thing. While they continue to investigate the scene a huge creature with tentacles and large maw comes up through the earth and tries to snag a couple of the Posse for dinner. This frightening creature scares Daren so much he gains a phobia of sunsets (it happened right at sunset) It manages to get a good grip on the Reverend and starts to drag him in but Dancing Crow, and Evelyn manage to sever the tentacle holding him. And Dr. Pat has managed to get out the Stablemite and lights a stick and throws it into the maw of the creature just as it’s diving back down under the soil. There’s a tremendous boom! Everyone takes some damage but nobody is seriously hurt because the creature was under ground when the dynamite blew.
After calming and healing the horses the Posse continue following the tracks.

An hour later they come to the campsite and see the wagon and look outs as well as some folks “dancing” or maybe staggering around a campfire. They also see a woman prisoner. Once they start shooting they soon find out that their targets seem to be doing the healing thing that the half of a dead man that they’d found was doing too. Once the headshots start the things start dropping. Dancing Crow rides in on her horse and manages to snag the young woman but not before she get’s bit by one of the dead men. While there she sees a midget who can only be Ignacious Blye.

The Posse succeed in dispatching all the dead men and decide to dispacth the man they find in the wagon too. He has the same healing thing the dead men have so Evelyn puts a bullet in his head. Now the Posse need to get healed up and bring the young woman Susan Donnelly and Ignacious Blye back to civilization.


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