Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Seeking Southern Cousins and words from Dead Uncles

Seeking Southern Cousins and words from Dead Uncles

The Posse talk with the Raven Society Scout Hopping bird some more about the situation in Deadwood and he is persuaded to tell them where the cave where Dr. Pat was held but only after promising that this would be the last time that they would extract his assistance.
The Posse go scout out the cave and find one look out. So Dr. Pat gives Daren a rag and the ether to go take out the guard quietly. Daren manages to do it but he didn’t understand Dr. Pat’s instructions well enough to not knock himself out too.

The rest of the Posse come up and they enter the cave cautiously. They soon find two indians who start shooting right away. One of them get’s his arm shot off and another enters the fray. By the time the Posse are done one of the Indians is dead and the others bleeding out. As before the blood in the air makes the posse feel the power of the Wendigo curse. Those who can’t deal with the scent leave the cave.

After clean up the Posse assess the contents of the cave and find boxes of Gatling rifles with swivel mount tripods and clockwork magazines. They also find a box of 8 vials of Slumber Gas. Evelyn finds the packing list for the crates and sees Maraposa’s name on there again. The decision is made to keep one of the gatling rifles, mount and all as well as some of the clockwork magazines and the slumber gas. Jeb makes a comment to Dr. Pat and Dr. Pat absentmindedly remarks about the Wendigo curse which Evelyn hears and asks about. Everyone clams up.

After that uncomfortable moment, Dr. Pat readies the stablemite to blow the cave and by doing that keep the remaining guns from being useful to anyone. The Posse ride away to return to Deadwood. In Deadwood Evelyn talks with the Sheriff about Maraposa, and with Philip Clarkson again and she shares the things that have happened and who they’ve learned is responsible for the death of Standing Horse. They search the office of Maraposa in the Claims and Assaying office and find some old forgotten moccasins under his desk. They look like a more personal belonging.
Evelyn and the Sheriff discuss and he will continue to investigate and hopefully if Maraposa ever shows up again, make an arrest. Dr. Pat receives a telegraph from Dr. Fudge indicating that there were at least 8 other deliveries of S&R goods to Deadwood in the last half year. Dancing Crow and Daren go back to the indian village to report.

Jeb buys Dr. Pat an old wagon/bottom of a stagecoach and some horses to haul their stuff in it too. Discussion is had of how to get it worked up to contain a mobile lab for the Doctor and to put the Gatling rifle up on top too. Evelyn seeks out halfbreed indians and others in the Deadwood Dicks Saloon to find out about what “Wendigo” is and she learns it’s an old Indian myth, something about cannibalism. Also that night Dr. Pat and Corky’s ghost returns and announces that he is their Uncle Morris. He explains that Dr. Pat is his heir and that they need to get to Lazarus CO and see a man named Henry Kane about the will.

Dancing Crow makes her report. There she also learns that Maraposa is known as Southern Cousin and is from one of the missing Southern Cheyenne tribes who it is believed to often walk in the Hunting Grounds. She also learns that Southern Cousin is a pale face so he doesn’t look indian and can pass for a white. Then the Shaman Stirs Fire expresses concern for her, that what she is doing exposing so much of the Raven Society may not be popular with the Sioux and that she might be shut out of further elevation amongst them. She also learns that her father wants to see her so she and Daren go to her home village. Her father has gathered assistance and is ready to create the Fetish with the Badger’s Courage favor. The next day much of the time is spent preparing and doing rituals then they create the fetish with the favor and blessing imbued into an armband. Then Dancing Crow and Daren head into Deadwood to check in with the rest of the Posse.

Just outside of town Dancing Crow is intercepted by a band of Sioux braves. They say they have a message for Dancing Crow:
Dancing Crow is to deliver a message to the Apache. Tell our Southern Cousins that we would like to get to know them and ask that they send their best representative to our Village (Hunka Papa Village) Dancing Crow will take your message back and if you need to we can meet you elsewhere.

Dancing Crow and the rest of the Posse gather and much discussion of what’s happened and the obvious need of Dr. Pat and Corky to head south as well as Dancing Crow’s need to head even further south is also discussed. Jeb says he doesn’t want to stay in Deadwood and Evelyn asks about the Wendigo curse and expresses interest in coming with the Posse as well.


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