Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

What's with all the goats?

“What’s with all the goats?”
After taking some time to heal and reload the Posse become aware that the tunnel they came in had been collapsed so they take the exit to the right and then turn right again in an effort to try to get back to the entrance in the well.
While going down the tunnel after the second right they hear some hissing noises from behind and then one of the spiders attacks from above grappling with the Reverend. After defeating this one another attacks from the front. The Posse defeat them and decide to investigate the tunnel that the one attacking from above used. They find it leads to the surface. Unsure where they are, Daren who is aware that sunset is coming, heads off where he thinks the mansion will be and the others follow.
After walking awhile they smell smoke and come upon a campsite. It’s obvious that someone was here recently and Evelyn thinks she recognizes the things as belonging to Crazy Nate. They call out and look for Nate but he doesn’t appear. After searching and tracking Evelyn and Jeb are convinced that a spider took him, possibly right to the entrance the Posse just came out of too. Evelyn, Jeb, Daren and Dancing Crow head back into the spider tunnels to try and rescue Nate, while the Reverend, Dr. Pat and Corky head back towards the Mansion since Uncle Morris showed up and he knows the way.
Tracking in the tunnels is difficult but Jeb and Evelyn manage. They head back towards where the Posse encountered spiders, and beyond. They come upon another web covered pit only this one is filled with web wrapped bodies. It takes a bit but Evelyn figures out which one might be Nate and starts cutting him out. Over on the other side she and Jeb can’t help but notice one of web wrapped bodies looks like a steer. Unfortunately they’re so distracted with cutting they don’t notice the spiders sneaking up on them. The fight off those as well, though Daren gets bit pretty bad and feels woozy afterwards. Still they leave as quickly as they can with Nate who is still unconscious.
It takes a while but the rescue party makes it back to the Mansion by tracking the others. Then there is more healing, dinner and discussion of what to do to fix the problem. With Dr. Pat’s help the Posse conceives of a plan to use a sticky fire bomb that could be strapped to goats (used as bait to carry it down in the tunnels.) Watches are set, Uncle Morris is sent with the list of supplies required to Lazarus and everyone settles down to sleep or watch. Since the workers are sleeping on their build site Evelyn makes sure to include watching them and during her watch she notes one of the men is missing. So she wakes the rest of the Posse up and they go tracking. They don’t have to track far before they hear a shot fired and they run coming upon the fellow fighting off the spider that was trying to take him. They help him fight it off. He is a little stunned in fright afterward but is persuaded not to tell the others, or rather to say it was a wolf.
And that’s what the others are told, as well as a cover story Jeb concocts about there being a bad mine below that has tunnels they need to collapse. This is just cover in case the Posse need to blow some of the tunnels below with Dr. Pat’s stablemite.
The next morning after breakfast supplies come along with a dozen goats that the Posse ordered via Uncle Morris. Also a note for Evelyn comes from the Sheriff that tells her that the fellows they hauled in from Christian’s Folly did indeed have some prior crimes they were wanted for but that the young fools had dug themselves a tunnel out of the jail cell.
The Posse send the workers back to Lazarus til the bad mine is dealt with and then send down the goats slowly. Uncle Morris reports on the success of the flaming goats plan. Meanwhile the Reverend begins to work on his plan to sanctify the mansion. This miracle takes about a week of prayer and preparations on his part so the Posse go into town to get supplies and prepare. While there, they send goats down the hole in the jail cell and Dr. Pat attends the reading of the will. This ends with a meeting with Mr. Duskin of Duskin ranch. He offers to buy a large tract of the land that Dr. Pat has inherited for $100 an acre.
Uncle Morris is against this and urges Dr. Pat to reach out to the rail companies that he’s sure are heading spurs this way out of Denver: Denver Pacific (owned by Smith & Robards) and Wasatch (owned by Dr. Hellestrom). Dr. Pat instructs Henry Kane to keep Duskin away or rather to intercept all of his offers in the future so that Dr. Pat doesn’t have to face the hard push to sell. Then the Posse head back to the mansion to help support the Reverend in his week long project.


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