Contents of Stage Coach's Iron Box

Iron lock box on Stage Coach


Contents of Iron box from Stage Coach:

Payroll for Denver based, Denver Pacific Tunnel Crew – 15 people for the Month of March addressed to Paymaster Howard Daley – amount: $1000.00

Package addressed to Legal firm in Denver: Hill Beyers and King
contents: 1 oz. envelope of gold dust with two copies of notarized claim for a mine in Springfield Kansas. Letter instructs claim be held in trust for clients’ heir: Natalia Lucas of Wichita KS – client is Henry Williamson.

Other mail ~ a dozen envelopes that appear to be personal correspondence to individuals in Denver.

$20 misc. cash in a mix of both USA dollars and CSA dollars contained inside a billfold with the Stage Coach company name stamped on the side.


Contents of Stage Coach's Iron Box

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