Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

A Delicious Victory

A Delicious Victory

A couple more shots bring down the second fellow armed with a shot gun and then Daren closes with the four men, putting his foot on the wrist of the downed man so he doesn’t pick up the shot gun again and then he shoots at close range the two fellows with the pistols. Soon after this all four fellows are down and Daren has the shot gun, but Jeb has his knife out and starts cutting on one of the downed men, the Reverend starts chewing on one of the wounded men and even Daren starts gnawing on the face of one fellow he’d shot.

Dancing Crow has taken the boy away from the carnage but the Doctor and Joe stare in horror at this development. Then Joe threatens his colleagues saying he’ll blast em in the head if they don’t stop. His overawe is partially effective as it gets Daren to back off and it completely breaks Jeb so that he drops his knife, backs off, and he curls up in a fetal position and then starts weeping. The Reverend however just grabs the steak Jeb had been cutting and runs off with it into the night. Joe takes off after him and uses his abilities to jump into a shadow ahead of the Reverend. He tackles the preacher and takes the steak from him, yells at him and throws the meat as far as he can.

He manages to get through to the Reverend and still resist licking his own fingers too. Together Joe and the Reverend head back to the Inn. Dr. Pat helps Daren and Jeb get it together and they head back to the Inn as well. So by three different parties the Posse returns to the Whittier Inn for the night. The next morning, despite the late night and the guilt for having indulged the Wendigo Taint, those who ate of the flesh feel physically wonderful.

So while avoiding the unpleasant discussion of the previous night’s craziness, the Posse decide to follow up on a few more leads in their investigation. Dr. Pat and Corky set off for the Library again and the rest decide to visit a few more Jewelers/Clock shops to find out more about the thefts. The Shop owners are as helpful as they can be. They’ve not seen much action on this from the Police and one shows the Posse where other thefts happened on the Reverends map and another tells them the name of the Police officer who was in charge of the case: Constable Martin.

Analysis of the shops that were hit seems to suggest the ones closest to the Warehouse district were hit and robbed more often. A visit to the Police and discussion with Constable Martin reveals only that the Police believe that one of the shop owners is responsible and are just waiting for someone to fake a break in. The Posse also decides to go to city hall and try to find out who all owns the warehouses in Denver and they spend the rest of the day in this effort.

Lost Boys and Bad Men

Lost Boys and Bad Men

The sound of kids arguing and then running away precipitates the debris stopping and on Daren’s second climb up he finds a couple of baskets of stones and bottles stockpiled. The posse proceeds to the ware house where they left the other fellow tied up and discover someone has cut his bonds and he’s gone. So the discussion reverts to whether or not to let Gus go. Finally after asking him what he thinks they should do, the decision to release him wins out.

Then they return to Whittier Inn and rest. The next morning while Dancing Crow, Daren, Joe Cobb and the Reverend are all sleeping, Corky and Dr. Pat get up and go back to the Library to do more research and see if they can learn anything more about Dr. Routledge. After more study Dr. Pat thinks the good Dr. Routledge might of shown an interest in Denver’s Veteran’s Hospital St Augustines because they have a good prosthetics wing. Back at the Hotel the others have gotten up and after looking to ask him a few more questions, Joe Cobb discovers that Jack Routledge is missing and may well have disappeared the previous night.

After lunch Dr. Pat and the rest of the group head over to St Augustines and confirm that Dr. Routledge had been known there but had not been seen in at least a month. The Supervising Nurse gives them the address for his Hotel, the Glengarry, and the Posse head there to see if he’s still in residence.

At the Glengarry Hotel they are told that yes Dr. Routledge has a room there and since he doesn’t appear to be in, the staff offer to take a message for the Posse and also invite them to wait in their saloon. In the saloon some of them get into some gambling and conversation. They meet a nice wealthy gentleman named Arthur Trevalyn who regales them with tales of hunting and talks of hunting the weird creatures now found all over the West. He also mentions that he and his hunt club have decided to print a guide book about these creatures. After a while they have warmed up to the gentleman and tell him some tales of their own and speak of the clockwork men they’ve encountered. The afternoon becomes evening this way and still there’s no sign of Dr. Routledge. Finally their new friend has to leave for an evening appointment and the Posse also decide to head back to their hotel for dinner.

Since young Jack has not yet returned Joe Cobb searches his room for some clue as to where Jack might be (uses hex to see through Jack’s eyes and sees he’s in a dark place and unhappy and then some kids come in and throw something at him.) Joe then suggests that everyone just head back into the Warehouse district to see if they can find the kids on the roofs. After wandering a bit they do find the Slater Dry goods warehouse and they go into the alleys near there where the kids start dropping things on them again. Daren had kept himself a little separate and sneaks up on them managing to grapple one of the boys while the other’s scamper off.

The boy struggles and tries to scream. Daren tries calming him down and covers his mouth. Then the boy bites Daren’s fingers and so Daren decides to bite the boy’s ear and manages to get some of the boy’s blood in his mouth. The Wendigo Taint flares exciting Daren and the taste is delicious! Dancing Crow joins him and together they interrogate the lad. Eventually the boy agrees to lead them to where his friends were keeping Jack. They follow and find Jack tied up in another warehouse. Jack’s been beaten and explains that he followed the posse and joined the roof rats to see if he could learn about his father through them. At first it was going well but he didn’t want to throw things on people and so they decided to punish/initiate him by tying him up. Then later some bad men showed up and beat him. Jack relates that the Bad men said that he was a Meddler and was to be a message to other Meddling people to stay away.

Taking Jack and letting the other kid go the Posse decide to head back to the hotel and as they wend their way back through the streets and alleys they run into a group of four men with pistols and shotguns aimed at them. Shots are exchanged, one of these Bad men fall over and the miasma of blood is in the air stimulating the Wendigo Taint in all of the Posse. . .

. . . Pounce?

. . . Pounce?

Once downstairs the group sneaks up to the doorway of a lighted room and Daren listens and looks around the corner. He sees two guys dressing the corpse of a dead woman on a table – currently struggling with working her corset into place. (Even with practice, I know that even live people can find that a very distracting effort!) Then the posse rush em! The two necro valets are caught flat footed,- they drop the body but one of them is immediately disarmed by Daren and after some threats and brawling one of them is unconscious and the other one surrenders.

With a little intimidation, the conscious one is trying to be helpful but doesn’t seem to understand what the Posse are after. Investigation of the place reveals another exit out, up and onto the street level. Gus the helpful prisoner admits his boss’s name is Otis but he professes that he doesn’t know all the details of the business or who the customers are or where his boss can be found. He offers to show the posse one of the other “workrooms” and after discussion the Posse agrees and he leads them across the street around through some alleys where they hear scuffling up over head.

Daren decides to climb up and as he manages to do so he hears voices going
“oh shit he’s comin up . . . shhhh” and sounds of more scuffling. He gets to the top of the building in time to see about 4 kids 10-12 yrs old running, (jumping and swinging) away to another building, after which it’s obvious they’ll scatter making it very hard for him to catch any of them. Scratching his head over this – kids these days! – Daren climbs back down. (Daren’s only 20. ..hmm) It’s now very late, with dawn probably just a few hours away, so the Posse proceed to this other workroom. When they arrive they find it empty of people and Gus looks disappointed.

Inspection of this workroom reveals more of the same but with more body parts stored in preservative fluids. The Reverend reflects that on the way to Denver they’d run into that Snake oil sales man with a head in a jar and wonders if they’re using the same preservative. Joe had bought some and had examined the paint they were using on their dead woman before dressing her and found it had a formaldehyde scent. It’s not the same scent and the scent is not the same as from the clock work men they fought.

Much discussion ensues and the Posse decide to head back to the other work room still trying to decide what to do with Gus and the other prisoner who they’d tied up. There’s some discussion of killing them, some of letting them go. The Reverend does his best to talk to Gus and to reach him in a spiritual sense but fears that any progress won’t hold long. As they go back through an alley (and all of this area of the city seems to be a confusing maze of alleys and streets with nondescript buildings on every side) the Posse hear scuffling again and find themselves being pelted from above by rocks and debris.

Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, . . .

Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, . . .

The Posse continues their investigations. They acquire a map for plotting locations and general reference. They talk to more Clock shop owners and based on a hunch, Joe has them go to the blacksmiths shop next to the Cobblers and ask if anyone has had manacles made recently. Once back at the hotel to rest and plan, they hear a knock on the door and Willy Dupree says that there’s a gentleman downstairs asking to see Joe Cobb.

Joe goes downstairs and the gentleman introduces himself as Lt David Cook of the Denver Police. He’s inquiring about Joe Cobb’s affiliations, if he is a US Marshal? This has Joe surprised. It is explained to him that the retention of a rifle and his credentials were what drew the officer to stop in and eventually Joe figures out what happened and shouts up the stairs for Jebediah. He then takes the officer upstairs to confront Jeb and they find Jebediah (he was unable to stomach the climb fast enough) sitting on the window sill with one leg over and the incriminating rifle in hand. Lt Cook confiscates the rifle and then before he leaves he lectures them about how many folks die in the city because of tom foolery with guns that shouldn’t have been out.

The posse turn to planning for the morgue stakeout that night. Once dinner is had and Jack Routledge is settled in to stay the night with Jebediah, (Corky and Dr. Pat watching him), the Posse head out. The stake out is cold and boring but eventually the Posse’s patience is rewarded by the approach of a small wagon and three men. They pull up and load in what looks like two body shaped bundles. The Posse manage to follow the wagon undetected back into the warehouse district to a Slaters Dry Goods warehouse where their targets offload. Then the driver pulls away leaving the other two men behind.

Daren follows the driver who only parks the wagon a few streets over and then departs to a building that looks like it might be a rundown flop house, rather than a warehouse. When he returns the rest of the Posse have gathered near the ware house and they decide to sneak in via the side door rather than the loading dock. They find that side door unlocked.

There’s only one light at the end of the warehouse where the loading dock is and once they get there Daren sees two boxes that look like they could fit bodies and he looks in one and sees what has to be a body wrapped up in canvass. On closer examination he realizes it’s one of the bodies that was on display for identification at the morgue. The room appears to be empty and since they didn’t see the two men leave they search the room and find a trap door to a lower level.

Look, Look, Look!

Look, Look, Look!

The Posse gather up the bodies, the boy and begin to investigate, while the Denver Police come by to see what the ruckus is all about downstairs. Dr. Pat examines the bodies and discovers the impressive clockwork pumps inside the bodies of the ticking men. While doing this the bathrobe man reappears to Dr. Pat and Corky and he finally speaks indicating he’s glad to not be able to smell the bodies. Corky and Dr. Pat decide to name the fellow Edgar since he’s not willing to talk about his name and only says “I’m just observing right now.”

Meanwhile the Reverend, Dancing Crow and Daren are searching the room that the boy is staying in up on the 4th floor, and they discover that his name is Jack Routledge and that he is a runaway. Jack is looking for his father who stopped writing a little over two months previous, just after arriving in Denver. Jack is a very determined 9 year old who loves his father.

After the initial investigations the Posse rest and take up searching out clues based on the leads they gleaned the next day. The coach company Holladay Livery (near Holladay street just outside the warehouse district) was given a false address so that lead only gives an indication that maybe Dr. Routledge is behind the tick tock men’s attempt to collect his son. The boots of the corpses lead them to a cobbler- Ives Cobblery down near the warehouse district. The Cobbler there says it was part of a mail order purchase of a lot of a hundred pairs that was picked up by a mute indian.

Meanwhile the good Dr Pat and Corky have been researching in the library and Dr. Pat determines that Dr. Ellis F. Routledge is a well renowned expert in clockwork automata. This combined with the clockwork itself inside the corpses has Dr. Pat convinced that Dr. Routledge is the one responsible for their construction. At lunch the Posse share info again and the decision is made to go to the morgue and to investigate the clock work since much of it looks to be re-purposed from pocket watches and clocks.

First they talk with Willy Dupree the porter who gave young Jack the note. After persuasion Willy tells them about the Mute who came to the door with a note and as it happens he still has the note in his pocket:

My Dear Sir,

Please excuse the note, but I have a throat condition and find speech painful. My son Jack Routledge is in room 16. He is waiting for me to collect him. Would you be so kind as to ask him to be packed and ready, and meet me at the side door, as soon as possible. I attach my handkerchief so that he will recognize that it is his father who writes this note. Thank you, and please keep the five dollars as a rewards for your efforts.

Yours, Ellis F. Routledge, Ph.D.

At the visit to a local clock shop and jewelers the Posse learn that there have been several thefts at the other shops in Denver but not yet at that one. (It is the one in the nicest part of town.)

At the Morgue they meet the new french lead Mortician Pierre Dulac who is creating heaps of scandal in Denver by displaying the nude bodies of the recently deceased who need identifying behind a glass wall with their belongings on display and just about everything else too. Once they talk to Pierre he is cooperative and identifies the bodies of the tick tock men as having been logged into the morgue previously – and as having been cremated too. Since he has many assistants and won’t allow his staff to be interviewed without the police’s involvement, the Posse agree to go to the Police with what they know and then concoct a plan to spy on the Morgue after dark to see if there are any suspicious people receiving bodies.

Jack Routledge is with them and is very excited to assist in this effort and after much conversation and consoling agrees to stay out of that very dangerous plan.

Fight Fight Fight!

Fight, Fight, Fight!

On exiting the inn the Posse see three men in long dark coats, scarves and hats holding a struggling boy who they are trying to drag towards a coach waiting at the corner. It’s the boy who they heard crying out for help and on seeing them he cries out again just before the man who has the best hold on him clamps a hand over his mouth.

After it’s clear they aren’t going to stop just because the Posse orders them to, the Posse moves to intercept them and the two men who aren’t actively dragging the boy towards the coach also attack. Three more men step from the shadows to join the fight. As they trade blows each of the Posse notices two interesting things about their opponents: they smell horrible, and they have a deep rhythmic ticking noise coming from the center of their chests. The smell is reminiscent of the slaughter house mixed with burnt oil.

Jeb goes back into the Inn to get his rifle. Joe Cobb notices one other of these men sitting on the waiting coach and he decides to cast a hex to get those horses moving with a tug of the reins he has control of the coach reins and then uses them to flick the two horses’ rumps. Daren is having trouble and is missing his gun as he fights, and Dancing Crow is using her whip. None of these strange men say anything or react to receiving blows the way that one would expect them too – they are eerily mute.

Finally the Reverend pushed one over. Dr. Pat pulls out Dynamite and a lighter and threatens all of the ticking men to stop or they’ll be blown to hell. The threat works, at least somewhat because they stop moving and then start backing away slowly. Meanwhile Dancing Crow has used her shaman magic to sabotage the one fighting her and Daren because she believes it isn’t a natural man per se but a vile creation of White men. Also, after an incredible bluff, Jeb has got his rifle and is heading back outside.

The Reverend has been kicking the one on the ground and Joe Cobb has started running towards the coach when as one all the strange men start running away including the coach driver. Daren manages to get the unconscious boy out of the arms of the one who has him. As the mute men scatter, Joe jumps up on one of the horses and Dancing Crow whips one of the men to trip and fall to the ground. Then the strangest thing happens, both of the men on the ground are being left behind and they draw guns and shoot themselves in the chest.

Jeb seeing it’s all over as Daren brings the boy inside, goes back to the desk and explains he’s going to need to keep his gun while staying in Denver and bluffs again that he’s a law man of some sort and then gives his name as “Joe Cobb” to the Hotel Concierge.

It takes a bit of doing but Joe manages to get the horses under control and ends up leading them and coach back to the Hotel. The rest of the Posse decide to clean up and cover up the whole thing so the bodies are picked up and brought up through the back to the rooms upstairs.

On to Denver

On to Denver

After the defeat of the Deceitful One the world around the Posse seems to be dissolving and She who does not raise her young instructs them to follow her back to where they entered the Hunting grounds. The dream like transit is contemplative for them and then once they return they are then instructed to think of Gennotoka’s lodge and they will be able to return.

Even as She who does not raise her young finishes speaking a Wolf crawls out of the underbrush. The Wolf gives a whine and then shakes his fur free of leaf litter and other debris. Also a Crow swoops down and alights on a branch in front of Dancing Crow. The Wolf greets Daren and the Crow speaks with Dancing Crow. While they are doing this the Reverend notices that Kibechay is talking with a wee rabbit behind a bush. After noticing the Reverend watching him and everyone else’s guardian spirit have left, Kibechay informs the posse that he must remain behind. His body is no longer living. Since he means to take his time going on to his final destination in the Hunting grounds, he volunteers to spy to learn about their mutual enemy, and to keep the Posse’s weapons safe for them should they return someday to the hunting grounds. (Since the weapons are there as a spiritual representation it’s not as if they lose the use of them when they wake up!)

They agree and give him their weapons, though they are sad at this parting. Then after thinking on Gennotoka’s lodge, they return. Once Gennotoka is certain they are really themselves, he releases them from their cocoons. As it turns out Kibechay is indeed dead, apparently one of the manitous forced him to swallow his own tongue and Gennotoka didn’t realize this until it was too late. Everyone is tired so once they have cleaned up and rested, the Posse sits down to talk with Gennotoka to learn what he knows of Wendigo, the spirits and the world.

I am Shoshoni and I was born at a time when many of the people were gifted in the ways of the spirits. Our village had 3 Shamans and I was one of 4 students who would one day earn themselves the title Shaman. We saw this as our blessing, maybe the most important.

Like many tribes we were seeing white men as a sickness to our land. They would come and slay all buffalo for their skins and leave the carcasses rotting on the ground. Their wagons would cut scars into the land and frighten all game away for weeks. They would build their homes and cities on land that would be better for crops and their garbage would foul the land frightening all the spirits away from the sacred areas. This has only gotten worse since the ghost rush.
Then the Paiute told our tribe of the Ghost Dance. I was nearly done with my training when they came and told us of the Great Spirits message of a promised land in the future when no whites would exist and all of the Buffalo herds would return.
I had many questions for the Ghost Dancers but they could never explain why or how these things they promised could happen but still our leaders wanted what they offered and we learned the Ghost Dance. We learned as well as anyone could learn and yet we never were able to succeed in our ritual as the Paiute did. I was frustrated and I was young and proud. I couldn’t stand the waste of effort and I saw the requirements of the dance itself as dangerous. All members of the tribe would have to dance until they collapsed from exhaustion. We repeatedly did this with no one left capable of standing after wards and no result from the spirits. We were wasting our time. No one agreed with me and so I left my people and wandered for a few years from Tribe to Tribe.
There I saw more cause to despise and hate the white man. They were turning the people against each other. The white men of the south used the tribe Tonkawa to hunt other tribes and the North White men did this too with the Pawnee, and our brothers allowed themselves to be used! While I was among the Comanche I heard of the Tonkawa who led by white men of the south killed an entire village of Comanche. They did not just kill them, they ate them.
I know the Comanche killed the Tonkawa then for this and some of the survivors of their tribe are now in Cheyenne and Arapaho. I’ve heard whispers that their cannibalistic rituals still continue but no stories of Wendigo among them.
The tale of the Wendigo is always the same. A village will succumb in the winter to their need to eat and one among them will be greedy and turn into a monster killing all the rest. The tale is meant to teach those who hear it that we work in the other seasons the great spirit has given us so that the winter may be a time of rest, not fear.
What I have learned of Wendigo in these tales and what I’ve heard of others who may bear this spirit’s curse, is that it does not hold all equally hard and those who fight it may never become a monster. But I don’t think it will be easy. If you wish to be free of it you may have to fight the spirit of the Wendigo in the Hunting Grounds as you fought the Deceitful One this day.
The Wendigo spirit is much more powerful, I don’t know how much, but I’m sure you will need to make yourselves powerful to fight it or gather many allies to help you. If this is your wish then I will help you as much as I can.
While I wandered I was approached by a warrior who said I might like to help fight the rise of the White man in our lands. He was Sioux and through him I learned of and joined the Raven society of warriors. I thought it was necessary if we were to get the White men to leave our peoples alone. After 5 years fighting with Raven, I had enough and I had learned more than I liked about what they were really about but I knew I couldn’t just leave. At first I resigned myself to living with my choice, then I met my N’Talya. She was a white woman and I tried to stop myself from loving her but my spirit would not follow my mind in that matter. When I found I could make a story of my death in a burning building, I did that and ran away with N’Talya to Shan Fan. There our daughter Cenona was born.
In Shan Fan I found it difficult to be a medicine man and I found through my love of N’Talya that I could lay down my hate of white people.
Out in California I heard rumors of cults of cannibals, but I never saw evidence of their activities or heard of any turning into Wendigo. I heard of many other horrifying creatures though and the pace of life with Ghost rock so in demand eventually drove us to look for another way and place to live. After many months of wandering we came to Denver and then here. Snow Camp was just enough close to satisfy my N’Talya and just far enough that I could endure the White men and not feel my hates rising again. It was only 3 years ago that my wife died while bearing my second child, who also died. I have been mourning ever since and now I have no one to live for anymore.
Gennotoka offers his home as a place of refuge to the Posse should they ever need it, and he urges them to tell their tale of defeating the Deceitful One to the people in Snow Camp, to give them hope. In the morning the Posse departs to return to the mining camp.

Ol Doc Ted and all the other residents of Snow Camp are feeling better and they are pleased to learn the story of how the Posse defeated the Deceitful one in the Hunting Grounds, even if the Reverend turns the tale a bit Christian. The people at Snow Camp are grateful and since Zeke is going to Denver for supplies and a mail run the posse set out with him the following morning. Their party is large consisting of the Posse plus Mitch, Pete and Jack Turner who has accompanied them from Fort Lamar.

In Denver the Posse stay in a 3 room suite at the Whittier Inn, paid for by Zeke as a thank you from him, the Doc and on behalf of Foscoe Mining Company. The next day they take to the streets to do several errands and personal business. Denver has a policy of insisting folks check their fire arms in either at the City Marshall’s office or with their Hotel Concierge, so by evening when resting or reading the posse are not armed with their guns when they hear a sound of scuffling outside the inn.

The Deceitful One

The Deceitful One

The Posse leaves Snow Camp and heads towards Gennotoka’s lodge and on the way some of them discover that they are feeling sick. Other’s don’t start feeling it until they arrive at the Shaman’s lodge. Gennotoka is ready and pleased to meet them and explains how his desperation to save his daughter led him to make a deal with the Manitou in the Hunting grounds ultimately responsible for the infection in Snow Camp. The Posse agree to help him and he agrees to do what he can to help them with their problem with the Wendigo’s taint.

Many preparations are made: weapons to come with the Posse into the Hunting grounds are selected for marking by Gennotoka’s power, a paste of honey and charcoal is painted around the Posses’ nose and mouths so as to mask the mark of the taint on them and the posse are wrapped in blankets and tied within by Gennotoka so that the infesting manitou’s when they come, will be trapped within their bodies and incapable of doing great harm.

The spiritual trip into the Hunting grounds is easy and Gennotoka’s spirit guide She who does not raise her young is waiting to guide them. Through a stream the Posse flow down into a desolate swamp. After sloshing through the eerily quiet swamp for a bit, they are attacked by a swarm of smaller manitous. Some are shaped like giant fleas and others are dark viscous things in the water. The fight’s slow going and most of the Posse decide not to use their guns since they know from She who does not raise her young that there are many minions of the Deceitful One here too.

After several of the lesser manitous have been destroyed and are running away the water churns and frothes forth a horrible creature that stands 8 foot tall in the brackish water. Its gaunt frame has black and brown splotched flesh and it’s face is an vile parody of human features with long teeth, and glowing eyes. It’s hands are large with even larger claws. The Deceitful One roars out his taunt to the Posse and then launches himself at Joe Cobb.

The Horror of the creature has stalled some folks actions and the Deceitful One gets a grip on Joe and starts pulling on his arm, it looks like the creature is trying to pull it right off. Joe is screaming in pain as two arrows find their target and Kibechay strikes with his tomahawk too. At last out of the blue Dr. Pat crys out in fury and draws a bead on the Deceitful One’s head. The vicious Manitou is defeated by the feisty Doctor and as he is sinking back into the muck She who does not raise her young drops out of the trees from above, sinks her fangs into the creatures neck, and rides the body down into the water.

The Sickness

The Sickness
After defeating the wolves the Posse examines the bodies and notices some black blood leaking out of the corpses, and also that the wolves don’t appear to be starved.
They talk with the fellows with the sledge that the wolves were attacking: Mitch, Pete and Pete’s brother James who died. The three of them were hired for $250 +$20 for a mailbag delivery to take a serum for diphtheria up to Snow Camp. Snow Camp is a mining camp run by Foscoe Mining company. After some discussion they accept their offer to share in the money to accompany them the rest of the way to Snow Camp.
At Snow Camp they meet Ol’ Doc Ted who is grateful they came but not very hopeful about the serum working. He relates the situation and some of the crazy things that the fevered sick have done. He also explains his reasoning as to why the disease isn’t diphtheria, how the disease started and he indicates that he’d like to talk with Gennotoka -an indian Shaman who he identified as a possible carrier of the disease. In the end he leaves them except for Dr. Pat, Corky and the Reverend who decide to go with him to administer to the ill.
That night after everyone has retired for the night, a sneaky sick person does a really crazy thing and sneaks in on Daren Atkins while he’s sleeping. He tries to smash Daren’s head in with a big axe but just misses hitting the headboard instead. Others have awakened from this and the loud mayhem that seems to be ensuing in Snow Camp now that it’s after midnight.
Joe Cobb being one of those who was awakened by Snow Camp’s sudden nightlife, rushes to the door of Daren’s room and throws a hex to assist Daren in putting the crazy man down. At last they succeed and Joe, Daren and Dr Pat all observe that something black like blood crawls out of the man and then dissipates in a vile green vapor or mist.
Everyone is up at this point and Zeke, the Saloon owner, identifies the dead man as Grady (Nathan Grady) one of his regular customers. Discussion for what was seen and what has happened stirs most of the Posse to decide to stay up and try and help the doctor and the Reverend Ainsworthy use his Exorcism to free one of the victims from what he suspects is demon possession. The exorcism seems to go alright but it is unclear whether they were successful or not with curing the young woman, Marrianne Williams, and it took most of the night for the rites to be completed.
In the morning Doc Ted urges them to go talk to Gennotoka and gives them directions to the Indian Shaman’s lodge. It is also apparent that the Doctor may now be sick as well.

The Pack

The Pack

The Posse Return to Fort Lamar to find that there’s a new CO, a General Spencer and many, many more union officers also. After some difficulty getting in and some awkward explanations as to what happened with Klein and how LtCol Shilcher and Aaron Myers died, finally the Posse are welcomed into the fort and given some floor space to make camp because there’s a shortage of beds in the fort now.

The reverend holds a service for the Lt and Mr. Myers and has many attendees. The young man who’s father was shot while driving the stage coach is recovered and asks to come with the Posse to Denver. His name is Jack Turner. So, getting resupplied and packed up, the Posse head out the following morning.

The trip goes well, camping that night is cold but passes uneventfully, except for the strange appearance of a ghost to Dr. Pat and Corky during second watch. The next morning, the Posse has broken camp when they hear the sounds of fighting not far off, – shouting and shooting. They hustle to find out what is happening and come upon a group of 3 travelers with horses and sledge being harried by wolves.

The wolves are strange. They’re all too aggressive and are not easily broken by the shooting of firearms. After killing 7 wolves the pack finally breaks away and leaves. However the among the three travelers one has died and the others are wounded.
Ch 1 was based on the movie Ravenous – this chapter of the hero’s adventure is based on an internet adventure called Fever Pitch, written by Rich Lewis.


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