Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

An Occult Book Collection

An Occult Book Collection – (May 9th 1875)
The posse go out with the Sheriff’s deputies to talk with the wife of John Sutler who did the shooting and after much conversation, an inspection of the tobacco and the toiletries they find an empty bottle of Mistress Victoria’s Patented Health Elixir. Mrs. Sutler doesn’t know about her husbands use of this and the name of Mistress Victoria is identified by the deputies as being a traveling Gypsy sales woman who came through a week ago selling all sorts of things like love philtres, ointments and tinctures for all the things that ail folks.
They return to town and find that another shooting has happened and this time the school Marm who did the shooting was shot and killed. A search of her home reveals another empty bottle of the elixir. Interviews reveal that Mistress Victoria took the south road out of town, and there is apparently a reporter also following this story. Her travel through a couple of other towns north of Rocky Ford were riddled with similar shootings. The Sheriff forms up a Posse to follow the Gypsy wagon south and the next morning off they and the posse go, since that was the direction that Dancing Crow needed to head in anyway. The reporter accompanies them. The second morning after going through one town that the Gypsy also stopped at the Reporter ditches the group, possibly to ride ahead.
By mid morning of riding the Posse out of Rocky Ford has come to the little town of Pueblo Viejo, a very small and desolate town. It seems it is on the verge of becoming a ghost town. The Hotelier is very happy to see the business and the Posse learn that Misstress Victoria is still here in town staying in the hotel. While the deputies go in to arrest and talk with the woman our heros go find her wagon and break into it to find the elixir and whatever other foul things she might have.
They find the elixir and a small note book and of course many other concoctions and ingredients. Miss Vicky is brought out to hand over her recipe book. She claims that a man attacked her demanding to know its location and it is speculated after her description that it was the journalist who rode ahead. After some pressure Miss Vicky hands over a book from a secret compartment in her cart. It is titled Theoria Alchimia -written in latin and very fine caligraphy, it is obviously very old and has many handwritten notes in the margins. After looking the book over the Posse discuss with the deputies and it is decided that the reporter fellow who attacked Miss Vicky is likely to come back and try to steal the book again. So they prepare to set watches.
While talking with the Hotelier they learn about a local group of religious folks who come through occasionally. The reverend is asked to hold a prayer service after dinner for the few who remain in town. During the second watch Daren and Dancing Crow hear noise and Daren finds the fellow as predicted trying to get the book from the cart. He and the deputy are escorting his under gun to the jail when the strange fellow cuts and runs – after transforming into a great big white horse! Daren shoots and runs after the creature. Dancing Crow gathers horses and the rest of the Posse and gives chase.
After an hour Daren is walking and has lost sight of the horse. He’s following the tracks but is very tired. The Posse join him and they continue, at one point seeing the tracks continue and the vision of the horse in a completely other direction, they opt to choose the tracks. Then the tracks just disappear. Looking around the Posse sight an Indian riding a palomino, and they try to approach him but he and his two companions turn tail and disappear too. The Posse have ridden a long way and see a small compound in the distance so they decide to investigate.
The compound is circular and has five buildings with it, as well as many corpses. The Posse investigate the buildings finding two dormitories, a dining hall, chapel and rectory. The search of the rectory reveals a stash of occult books with false covers, a journal in code, and a hidden trap door into some underground tunnels.
The Reverend, Daren and Evelyn go down the ladder and explore the tunnels which have similar entrances and shapes under all of the buildings. All except the chapel which has a pedestal below the ladder that appears to have been used as a bloody altar. After several minutes exploring the three of them are trying to decide what to do next and the Reverend thinks he hears something, and has a feeling of menace, a feeling that they are being watched.

Mansion Mayhem

Mansion Mayhem – May 5th 1875
The evening of April 30th approaches and the Reverend is nearly done with his sanctify ceremony, but he is concerned that the final hour or two will be the most difficult. With the final rites about to begin the Reverend Ainsworthy asks for the rest of the Posse to help protect him when he’s in prayer. The circle he sets up in the basement is circumscribed with holy water and 14 candles. At first the final hours seem only to be filled with the dismal view of the basement and his prayer, then, a strange white fuzz starts to appear on all of the surfaces. It grows thicker and thicker and covers everything. The Posse inside the circle burn it off out of the circle with their torches. The fuzz is spider webbing. Then the fuzz begins to move with a rippling surface as if it were water.
Jeb and Evelyn burn off some more outside the circle and discover why it is moving: spiders, thousands of the fist sized spiders. Jeb and Corky both are stunned by this sight and the swarms of spiders attack, even dropping on the group from the ceiling. The Posse manage to work together to fight them but it is a terrifying effort. The ceremony continues as does the goal to keep the Reverend protected. Then they hear the rumbling sounds of earth moving, and the house starts to jiggle. A huge thumping starts at the load of weight put across the top of the well.
The reverend has achieved a state of inner peace in his holy prayers and is safely oblivious of the next horrors the rest of the Posse fight. The jiggling of the foundations continues and then over by the end of the house where the well is, a huge sink hole opens up and a gigantic spider rears it’s ugly head. The posse fight and shoot at it and its accompanying two regular giant spiders. Meanwhile the Reverend is having a vision, or revelation. His god shows him a gate in a place filled with evil horrors and the gate has obviously been unsealed as there are symbols around it that have been destroyed. One phrase echoes in the Reverends head: “Close the Door”
At that a burst of holy power radiates out of the Reverend and flows around everyone. The ceremony is complete and the Mansion is now sanctified ground. The Seeth or giant spider things are smoking. Interestingly Dr. Pat and Corky both hear their Uncle Morris Screaming. Dr. Pat wonders why but the Ghost can’t answer and only screams. Corky has a thought and runs upstairs past Dancing Crow and the young working fellow Alex that the Posse recruited through adversity when they rescued him from the spider things. As she passes Dancing Crow, Corky says “I need something from upstairs!”
Shortly after that Dancing Crow hears Corky run out of the front door. Thinking this odd Dancing Crow runs out after Corky and notes that she’s smoking. When she gets to the road Corky stops. Dancing Crow sees what she’s got, the book Media Nocte Circulus (Midnight Circle) that her Uncle used to perform the spell which killed him. Dancing Crow tries to take the book from Corky. They struggle a bit before Dancing Crow gets Corky in a running tackle. Only once she’s knocked Corky out can Dancing Crow take the book from her and set it on fire.
Meanwhile the rest of the Posse continue to fight the Seething mass and giant spiders which are burning. Once they are all dead everyone comes upstairs and cleans up. Corky’s issues and upset over the book are discussed. Corky regains consciousness and is upset and goes up to her room to stew.
The next few days are spent in clean up and making arrangements for the workmen to come back and continue working on building Morristown. Dr. Pat and the Reverend try to council Corky but it isn’t until the Reverend meditates and feels certain that their Uncle Morris is at peace that Corky stops avoiding the rest of the group. A visit to Lazarus and Henry Kane finishes up much of the preparations for the group to head further south. It is decided that Joe Cobb and Jeb will stay behind to help manage affairs in town and at the Mansion. Joe has started a lucrative faro table at the local Saloon and Jeb is interested in doing some assaying on Dr. Pat’s land and investigating the other mining options in the area.
At last the Posse head south looking for the Apache so that Dancing Crow may deliver the message she was instructed to bring them. The second night out the Posse stay in the town of Rocky Ford. While eating breakfast the next morning the Posse hear shots and some screams. They investigate and find a scene of carnage. Someone lost their mind and shot up the local General store. Mortimer Tarpely (Owner of the store) and his daughter are both dead and three others are injured. The shooter, John Sutler is a local businessman and land owner. No one knows why he would do such a thing. One of the witnesses says he asked Mort for something and then shot him when he was told the store didn’t have it in stock.
Now the Posse have almost been deputized already by the Sheriff, but certainly their curiosity is piqued so they decide to delay their departure.

What's with all the goats?

“What’s with all the goats?”
After taking some time to heal and reload the Posse become aware that the tunnel they came in had been collapsed so they take the exit to the right and then turn right again in an effort to try to get back to the entrance in the well.
While going down the tunnel after the second right they hear some hissing noises from behind and then one of the spiders attacks from above grappling with the Reverend. After defeating this one another attacks from the front. The Posse defeat them and decide to investigate the tunnel that the one attacking from above used. They find it leads to the surface. Unsure where they are, Daren who is aware that sunset is coming, heads off where he thinks the mansion will be and the others follow.
After walking awhile they smell smoke and come upon a campsite. It’s obvious that someone was here recently and Evelyn thinks she recognizes the things as belonging to Crazy Nate. They call out and look for Nate but he doesn’t appear. After searching and tracking Evelyn and Jeb are convinced that a spider took him, possibly right to the entrance the Posse just came out of too. Evelyn, Jeb, Daren and Dancing Crow head back into the spider tunnels to try and rescue Nate, while the Reverend, Dr. Pat and Corky head back towards the Mansion since Uncle Morris showed up and he knows the way.
Tracking in the tunnels is difficult but Jeb and Evelyn manage. They head back towards where the Posse encountered spiders, and beyond. They come upon another web covered pit only this one is filled with web wrapped bodies. It takes a bit but Evelyn figures out which one might be Nate and starts cutting him out. Over on the other side she and Jeb can’t help but notice one of web wrapped bodies looks like a steer. Unfortunately they’re so distracted with cutting they don’t notice the spiders sneaking up on them. The fight off those as well, though Daren gets bit pretty bad and feels woozy afterwards. Still they leave as quickly as they can with Nate who is still unconscious.
It takes a while but the rescue party makes it back to the Mansion by tracking the others. Then there is more healing, dinner and discussion of what to do to fix the problem. With Dr. Pat’s help the Posse conceives of a plan to use a sticky fire bomb that could be strapped to goats (used as bait to carry it down in the tunnels.) Watches are set, Uncle Morris is sent with the list of supplies required to Lazarus and everyone settles down to sleep or watch. Since the workers are sleeping on their build site Evelyn makes sure to include watching them and during her watch she notes one of the men is missing. So she wakes the rest of the Posse up and they go tracking. They don’t have to track far before they hear a shot fired and they run coming upon the fellow fighting off the spider that was trying to take him. They help him fight it off. He is a little stunned in fright afterward but is persuaded not to tell the others, or rather to say it was a wolf.
And that’s what the others are told, as well as a cover story Jeb concocts about there being a bad mine below that has tunnels they need to collapse. This is just cover in case the Posse need to blow some of the tunnels below with Dr. Pat’s stablemite.
The next morning after breakfast supplies come along with a dozen goats that the Posse ordered via Uncle Morris. Also a note for Evelyn comes from the Sheriff that tells her that the fellows they hauled in from Christian’s Folly did indeed have some prior crimes they were wanted for but that the young fools had dug themselves a tunnel out of the jail cell.
The Posse send the workers back to Lazarus til the bad mine is dealt with and then send down the goats slowly. Uncle Morris reports on the success of the flaming goats plan. Meanwhile the Reverend begins to work on his plan to sanctify the mansion. This miracle takes about a week of prayer and preparations on his part so the Posse go into town to get supplies and prepare. While there, they send goats down the hole in the jail cell and Dr. Pat attends the reading of the will. This ends with a meeting with Mr. Duskin of Duskin ranch. He offers to buy a large tract of the land that Dr. Pat has inherited for $100 an acre.
Uncle Morris is against this and urges Dr. Pat to reach out to the rail companies that he’s sure are heading spurs this way out of Denver: Denver Pacific (owned by Smith & Robards) and Wasatch (owned by Dr. Hellestrom). Dr. Pat instructs Henry Kane to keep Duskin away or rather to intercept all of his offers in the future so that Dr. Pat doesn’t have to face the hard push to sell. Then the Posse head back to the mansion to help support the Reverend in his week long project.

Spider, Spider, who's got a Spider?!

Spider, Spider, who’s got a Spider?!
The Posse finish their day in Lazarus staying at the Thunder Horse Saloon and Hotel.   They gather some more information and make some good conversations with the locals.  Henry Kane comes in and lets Dr. Pat know that in two days there’s to be a reading of the will again and that the heir should attend.
In the morning the Posse head off to the Mansion again with workers to help put up a barracks and begin building other parts of what will become Morristown. 
While the ghost Uncle Morris watches and fusses over the workers efforts, Jeb undertakes his assaying project to see if the land has any potential for mining and Dancing Crow with Daren’s assistance prepares herself to go on a vision quest.  Jeb notes some suspicious earth disturbance.  One of the stakes he’d put up for a guide to building placement was pushed out or fell over due to upheaval and falling of the dirt – also the dirt was loose.  Frightened, Jeb sought out the others for help.
Together, the group find a sunken hole.  Dr. Pat gets in the hole with a shovel and starts digging and after a while breaks through to an opening that’s suddenly bursting with a swarm of fist sized spider things.  After shots are fired and Evelyn up ends some whiskey and sets it aflame, the swarm is dispersed.  Concerned about the Mansion and its weird vibe, the Reverend has been preparing to do prayers and try to drive the evil out, after this event he becomes even more convinced of the necessity. 
Dancing Crow goes on her vision quest and discovers a few interesting details in the Hunting Grounds about the situation.  First she’s convinced the Mansion was built over or destroyed a tree that was important spiritually.  While investigating a series of tunnels underground in the Hunting Grounds she encounters a body of a man – though faceless she believes it represents the White Man Morris Marsh – Dr. Pat and Corky’s ghost uncle because the body is dressed in a smoking jacket or bathrobe.  She follows some tunnels through the ground to an opening inside a well – the one in the basement of the Mansion.  Then continuing through the tunnels filled with evil sounds of whispers and movement out of the corner of her eyes, she sees the White Man again only this time the body is mobile, animate, and she follows him, or it, out of the tunnels and finds herself in the White Man’s town of Lazarus.  In Lazarus there is nothing moving, no sign of anyone alive at all.
After this she comes out of her trance and talks with the rest of the Posse about what she saw.  Conclusions about what she saw are that Uncle Morris and his attempt at a spell are probably to blame for the Mansion’s evil vibe.  It also seems obvious that the well in the cellar must be investigated again since before they only sent Uncle Morris down to look.
Going to the cellar door the Reverend finds he can’t open the door.  When forced open a seething mass of the fist sized spiders comes out again.  The Reverend slams the door shut.  Dr. Pat reaches into a pocket and pulls out a couple of vials and mixes something together and then the mixture is thrown down the stairs and the door slammed again.  After waiting a few seconds, suddenly there’s heavy thump! at the door, and againthump! even harder, the third time the door bursts open and huge (human sized) version of the spider attacks Dr. Pat.  Several shots later the huge thing is dead and the door is closed again.  Dr. Pat is frustrated and unhappy about being bitten and retires upstairs for a nap.
The rest of the Posse head down into the cellar, after getting Uncle Morris to recon again, and they fight the swarm and burn the spider webs until the place is clear again.  This time Daren is lowered by rope down into the well to see if he can find the opening because that huge Spider thing had to come from somewhere!  He almost doesn’t find the opening but happens to land his hand onto a carefully crafted trap door of dirt and webbing made to look like the stones of the well.  Dr. Pat is awakened and the whole group goes down to explore the tunnels and find the Momma spider nest and clear that thing out.
After going for a while through the tunnels the Posse feel air blowing in their faces so they follow that sign and come out into a larger area.  Immediately Daren and Corky fall into a web over a pit and are trapped there, though luckily they manage not to set fire to the webbing that’s supporting them.  Then two more of the larger spiders attack.  After defeating them the Posse manage to rescue their two trapped friends before another wave of spiders attack.  This time three come at them, one from the tunnel they came in from.  Cut off with a fourth Spider waiting in the wings to attack them, the Posse have no choice but to fight these frightening foes.  After killing all four, the Posse are tired but alive, but what will they do now?

Christian's Folly

Christian’s Folly
The next morning the Posse investigate more after over hearing the deputy talking to someone about the bank.  In that conversation they learn that someone has been passing gold nuggets that are only painted gold.  They also find out more about the history of Morris’ Mansion and that it was owned by the fellows who bought the Christian’s Folly mine.  A mine that they’ve heard about recently (in jail) too.   (Former owners of the house lost their shirts on that mine: Julius Williamson, and Jack “Pappy” Harris ) This leads them to investigate the mine but since no one knows where it is, they head north out of town to find a local man named Crazy Nate, reputed to be “crazier than moon pie but real familiar with the parts here about”  It is hoped that this would be porcine husband can help the Posse locate the old burnt down ghost town and mine.
The Posse head north along the Animas river, and by afternoon manage to track down Crazy Nate at his camp fire.  The ol’Coot takes a liking to Evelyn (though he can’t figure out how to court her properly) and they soon have directions, though he asks they bring him an iron frying pan and a toothbrush in repayment.  
Heading north following ol Nate’s directions the Posse come to a good place to dry gulch someone and wouldn’t you know it! they see a couple of figures silhouetted against the late afternoon sun who then shoot at them. The Posse being a generous lot return the gift of lead in full, and then some! all resulting in a blood bath. Of the two ambushing Indians coming behind the group, only one survives to be healed and is sent home to the Ute tribe’s camp after a lecture.
Continuing north based on the directions the Posse find the burnt out husks of the once hopping Boom town of Christian’s Folly. (The sign said population 33, though it had obviously been changed a lot.)  As it’s almost sunset by the time they get to the ghost town, the Posse decide to bunk down in one of the buildings that’s in better condition and where they can have a fire without it being observed.
The next morning after breakfast the Posse follow the box canyon all the way to the back to where the entrance to the actual mine is located.  They find two entrances and decide to use the one with the cart tracks.  After sneaking a bit they stealthily come upon four fellows sitting around a table playing cards.  Evelyn thinks they look a bit rough, like the sort who rob and kill for a living.  The Posse launch into action and get the drop on these fellows.  Their names are:  Barry “Big City” Greenwich, Clyde Miller, Henry Smith, and Thomas Little.
After securing the prisoners they investigate a bit further and find an old open air winch operated elevator to a lower level that they can look down into.  What they see looks like a combination of someone’s kitchen and a work room all set up in a partially natural cave.   After some discussion and the planting of a crudely written note: “we’ll be right back” the Posse takes their prisoners back to Lazarus.
The Sheriff is happy to lock em up for Evelyn and will look into their stories and see if there are any outstanding warrants on them.  Evelyn returns with the Reverend to see Crazy Nate to thank him with the frying pan and tooth brush.  Nate is completely undone and proposes to the frying pan.

Lazarus Colorado

Arriving in the town of Lazarus
The Posse heal and investigate the bodies. Talking with the midget Ignacious Blye and Susan Donnelly reveal that they were attacked by the walking dead. The search of pockets and the scene reveal that the dead man in the wagon was a Lieutenant Montgomery Hamilton and all the other walking dead were probably former confederate soldiers. Though Susan doesn’t seem quite herself after a while, she’s a lovely young woman with a crescent shaped red birth mark on the side of her throat.
Susan goes into a strange trance state and the Reverend is concerned for her so he begins the exorcism process. After a while she starts talking to the Reverend about his “witnessing” evil. Her eyes have clouded over and once the Reverend finishes the exorcism they return to normal and Susan wakes up in the morning and is herself again.
The Posse return to Mount Agatha and are rewarded by Susan’s Father. They decide to rest that day in town and then continue on in the morning. Susan and her Father who were warned about the strange state of her eyes also are heading home that morning. Ignacious Blye heads on north.
After camping a second night on the road the Posse arrive mid day into the town of Lazarus. While most of the group go and check out the Lazarus Hotel and saloon, Dr. Pat and Corky go to see Henry Kane. Mr. Kane tells them about Morris’ mansion and the land he owns in the area too. The Posse head out to the Mansion.
The Mansion is big and creepy. The first thing that strikes the Posse as strange is the lack of furniture and the ghostly uncle Morris who’s there with them also remarks on that and says he’s going to ask Henry about that so he disappears. The Posse follow the scraping marks on the floors and walls to the door for the basement. Going down the stairs to the dirt floor they find that the furniture is piled up in a large mound dividing the cellar. Investigating they find that there’s a makeshift altar and book with dead chicken on that side of the cellar. The dead chicken appears to be the source of the foul smell. The book entitled: Midnight Circle by Sylvester Cyruss is full of spells in latin. After some comments Morris admits that he tried a spell, the one for luck, but he urges his heirs to burn the book because it didn’t work for him, obviously, as he died two days after his attempt.
After further investigation and the hauling of all the furniture out to burn in a big bonfire, the posse splits and the heirs stay in the mansion and the rest bed down inside the stables instead, since the house is so creepy. While passing the night successfully in the house, neither Dr. Pat or Corky feel like they got very good sleep and not just because they bedded down without beds.
That morning the Posse head back into Lazarus to get supplies and recruit help for the Mansion and Morristown. Uncle Morris shared that he had planned on building a town to take advantage of the rail coming through this area. Making contact with the Sherrif and hiring labor as well as talking with Henry Kane again takes most of the day so the Posse dine in the Thunder Horse saloon. A brawl breaks out over cheating at cards and Joe Cobb and Jebediah end up in the Hoosegow.
While in the jail they meet Jonas (Lips) Barclay and learn about a nearby mine he’s working on called Christian’s Folly. Apparently the mining town boomed for a few short months and then became a ghost town. Lips flaps a lot so Jeb also meets two of his companions who don’t seem as interested in Jonas spilling so much about their mining operations. Clyde and Jose seem annoyed and urge Jonas to shut up. Strange thing is Jonas seems too well dressed to be a miner, but who knows! maybe he dressed up for his night in town.
After spending the night in jail Jeb and Joe are even less friendly but maybe it’s a lack of sleep. The rest of the Posse stayed in the Hotel, but all decide to return to the Mansion because the Reverend wants to try and exorcise the Mansion.

Money Can't Buy Everything!

Money Can’t Buy Everything!

After getting everything together the Posse depart for parts south. They stop in with the remnants of the Arapaho winter camp and in Denver. Daren undertakes some further research in Denver for his family and a friend. Evelyn checks in with the Denver Pinkerton office. Daren picks up the money promised by Laura Giles for the Posse’s help with the Husker situation.

They travel south again towards Lazarus Colorado Territory and the second day south of Denver come to the town of Mount Agatha. It’s late enough in the day and the town has a saloon and hotel so the Posse decide to stay. While gathered in the Saloon they over hear a loud conversation as a very angry man shouts down the town Sheriff. The Sheriff tells them he made a dreadful mistake and the fellow believes his daughter is alive but the Sheriff assures the Posse that she isn’t and urges them to talk with the man themselves.

The Posse talk with Xavier Donnelly and learn that his daughter has a strange sickness where she can lose time and fall into states of stupor that seem like death. The Sheriff had unwittingly sold what he believed was her corpse to a man named Ignacious Blye who then had left town. Xavier Donnelly desparate to have his daughter back begged the Posse to go after them and said he would pay handsomely too.

So before the trail got just that much colder the Posse head off after Ignacious Blye. They follow the tracks to a farmstead with a family of four, all dead, their heads cracked open and their brains missing. The disturbing signs of gnawing on the bodies really bothered the Posse. They continued to follow the trail of the wagon and came upon a scene that looked like the signs of a struggle had happened.

A groaning sound is heard and the Posse find a fellow who’s lost the lower half of his body. It’s really surprising that he’s still alive, but…oh look at that, he’s not really alive after all but is some horrible undead thing. While they continue to investigate the scene a huge creature with tentacles and large maw comes up through the earth and tries to snag a couple of the Posse for dinner. This frightening creature scares Daren so much he gains a phobia of sunsets (it happened right at sunset) It manages to get a good grip on the Reverend and starts to drag him in but Dancing Crow, and Evelyn manage to sever the tentacle holding him. And Dr. Pat has managed to get out the Stablemite and lights a stick and throws it into the maw of the creature just as it’s diving back down under the soil. There’s a tremendous boom! Everyone takes some damage but nobody is seriously hurt because the creature was under ground when the dynamite blew.
After calming and healing the horses the Posse continue following the tracks.

An hour later they come to the campsite and see the wagon and look outs as well as some folks “dancing” or maybe staggering around a campfire. They also see a woman prisoner. Once they start shooting they soon find out that their targets seem to be doing the healing thing that the half of a dead man that they’d found was doing too. Once the headshots start the things start dropping. Dancing Crow rides in on her horse and manages to snag the young woman but not before she get’s bit by one of the dead men. While there she sees a midget who can only be Ignacious Blye.

The Posse succeed in dispatching all the dead men and decide to dispacth the man they find in the wagon too. He has the same healing thing the dead men have so Evelyn puts a bullet in his head. Now the Posse need to get healed up and bring the young woman Susan Donnelly and Ignacious Blye back to civilization.

Seeking Southern Cousins and words from Dead Uncles

Seeking Southern Cousins and words from Dead Uncles

The Posse talk with the Raven Society Scout Hopping bird some more about the situation in Deadwood and he is persuaded to tell them where the cave where Dr. Pat was held but only after promising that this would be the last time that they would extract his assistance.
The Posse go scout out the cave and find one look out. So Dr. Pat gives Daren a rag and the ether to go take out the guard quietly. Daren manages to do it but he didn’t understand Dr. Pat’s instructions well enough to not knock himself out too.

The rest of the Posse come up and they enter the cave cautiously. They soon find two indians who start shooting right away. One of them get’s his arm shot off and another enters the fray. By the time the Posse are done one of the Indians is dead and the others bleeding out. As before the blood in the air makes the posse feel the power of the Wendigo curse. Those who can’t deal with the scent leave the cave.

After clean up the Posse assess the contents of the cave and find boxes of Gatling rifles with swivel mount tripods and clockwork magazines. They also find a box of 8 vials of Slumber Gas. Evelyn finds the packing list for the crates and sees Maraposa’s name on there again. The decision is made to keep one of the gatling rifles, mount and all as well as some of the clockwork magazines and the slumber gas. Jeb makes a comment to Dr. Pat and Dr. Pat absentmindedly remarks about the Wendigo curse which Evelyn hears and asks about. Everyone clams up.

After that uncomfortable moment, Dr. Pat readies the stablemite to blow the cave and by doing that keep the remaining guns from being useful to anyone. The Posse ride away to return to Deadwood. In Deadwood Evelyn talks with the Sheriff about Maraposa, and with Philip Clarkson again and she shares the things that have happened and who they’ve learned is responsible for the death of Standing Horse. They search the office of Maraposa in the Claims and Assaying office and find some old forgotten moccasins under his desk. They look like a more personal belonging.
Evelyn and the Sheriff discuss and he will continue to investigate and hopefully if Maraposa ever shows up again, make an arrest. Dr. Pat receives a telegraph from Dr. Fudge indicating that there were at least 8 other deliveries of S&R goods to Deadwood in the last half year. Dancing Crow and Daren go back to the indian village to report.

Jeb buys Dr. Pat an old wagon/bottom of a stagecoach and some horses to haul their stuff in it too. Discussion is had of how to get it worked up to contain a mobile lab for the Doctor and to put the Gatling rifle up on top too. Evelyn seeks out halfbreed indians and others in the Deadwood Dicks Saloon to find out about what “Wendigo” is and she learns it’s an old Indian myth, something about cannibalism. Also that night Dr. Pat and Corky’s ghost returns and announces that he is their Uncle Morris. He explains that Dr. Pat is his heir and that they need to get to Lazarus CO and see a man named Henry Kane about the will.

Dancing Crow makes her report. There she also learns that Maraposa is known as Southern Cousin and is from one of the missing Southern Cheyenne tribes who it is believed to often walk in the Hunting Grounds. She also learns that Southern Cousin is a pale face so he doesn’t look indian and can pass for a white. Then the Shaman Stirs Fire expresses concern for her, that what she is doing exposing so much of the Raven Society may not be popular with the Sioux and that she might be shut out of further elevation amongst them. She also learns that her father wants to see her so she and Daren go to her home village. Her father has gathered assistance and is ready to create the Fetish with the Badger’s Courage favor. The next day much of the time is spent preparing and doing rituals then they create the fetish with the favor and blessing imbued into an armband. Then Dancing Crow and Daren head into Deadwood to check in with the rest of the Posse.

Just outside of town Dancing Crow is intercepted by a band of Sioux braves. They say they have a message for Dancing Crow:
Dancing Crow is to deliver a message to the Apache. Tell our Southern Cousins that we would like to get to know them and ask that they send their best representative to our Village (Hunka Papa Village) Dancing Crow will take your message back and if you need to we can meet you elsewhere.

Dancing Crow and the rest of the Posse gather and much discussion of what’s happened and the obvious need of Dr. Pat and Corky to head south as well as Dancing Crow’s need to head even further south is also discussed. Jeb says he doesn’t want to stay in Deadwood and Evelyn asks about the Wendigo curse and expresses interest in coming with the Posse as well.

Interrogations and Rescue Operations

Interrogations and rescue operations
The Posse discuss for a while longer, interrogating Philip and discover his name is Philip Clarkson and is the fellow responsible for the train robbery that the Posse were dealing with when they were on their way to the Arapaho winter camp. So they send most of the indians and all of Philips gang and the two deputies back with Lenny and Dr. Wright to Deadwood. Raven society members are to be taken back to the Indian village by the non society members and one of the non members (Tree Frog) comes with Dancing crow and the others to Wolf meadow where they are to leave Dr. Fudge.
Dr. Fudge, the Reverend, Evelyn and Corky all ride the auto gyro to the meadow and they plan on putting the Reverend in the suit and leaving as the note requests. The rest of the Posse go by horseback led by Dancing Crow to the meadow and scout looking for signs of watchers and ambush.
The auto gyro lands with the reverend and Dr. Fudge having switched outfits and Corky hiding in the munitions trunk. Evelyn and Dr Fudge leave them and go to investigate the site of a campfire that Evelyn saw as they circled and landed the autogyro. Once there she finds signs of someone (probably Indian) leaving by horse and then she follows tracks of another Indian who she finds in a tree as a lookout. She then shoots the poor fellow and he falls. She interrogates him, and ties him to a tree after he requests she knock him out. She gets the location of Dr. Pat’s cave out of him. The posse reconnect and share information. The decision is made to go for the cave.
So the Reverend gets out of the suit they empty the autogyro’s tank of gas and put his suit on the ground filled with hay and posed to look real. Then they follow the directions from the scout. Knowing that there are lookouts posted outside the cave they sneak up and sight one on top of the cliff above the cave entrance. Then Daren climbs up and slits the fellows throat, but he forgets that this action might stimulate the Wendigo Taint and he has afterwards an insatiable desire to eat the fellow. Jeb who is watching from the ground figures out after a bit that Daren is in trouble and tells Dancing Crow. She goes up to get Daren and manages to get him to stop eating. While they are sneaking around one of the other scouts comes out of the cave and hears Dancing Crow. The posse start shooting.
(Dr. Pat inside hears the shots and using Science! gets out of the chains the Indians put on the Doctor. Dr. Pat has been working on the robot that the Indians seemed to want made and has been cooperative with them in order to learn more about why they’ve requested the robot.)
The other two Indian guards go out of the cave and join the fray but all end up shot and dead after Daren and Evelyn have had a chance to shoot at them. Night has fallen and it’s obvious that there’s some light inside the cave so the Posse enter the cave with guns drawn and find Dr. Pat out of chains testing the robot and eager to show them this latest creation.
“So Doctor were you aware that you’d been kidnapped or have you just been puttering away here oblivious to anything but your work?” asks Evelyn.
After some sorting of the bodies Evelyn also notices that the Indian Daren took out is gnawed on and she declares “we best move on out of here because there’s a bear out here.” So the further discussion of what Doctor Pat’s been through is delayed til the Posse’s return to Deadwood. Once there they share information and learn about what Dr. Pat went through. Dr. Pat was interviewed by an Indian in black and white chief’s headdress and black warpaint before being moved to the cave where the Posse found the Doctor. All the Indians there were in warpaint like skull face and the cave was full of boxes with S&R on them. The Posse determine that this cave is important to find. So they rest in Deadwood’s saloon and Hotel for the night.
The next morning Dancing Crow goes with Tree Frog to the nearest Indian Village where the patrols are formed up and reports further on the bodies of raven society members found at the cave. The rest of the Posse go back out to the Autogyro with Dr. Fudge and Dr. Wright and they fill the tank and take off. There are signs that someone came to the meadow and the Indian Scout Evelyn tied up is also gone. The Posse go to the cave where Dr. Pat was kept and find the bodies are gone. They follow the tracks which lead them back to the Indian Village where they meet up with Dancing Crow and Tree Frog. Dancing Crow has been conferring with the Shaman of that village Stirs Fire about the number of people who have taken the old ways oath. (many but not everyone)
The Posse decide to try again to find the caves and head out to follow tracks but only seem to be finding the common trails of the Patrols. Then Tree Frog suggests that they try to head north via the creek which is shallow and relatively flat. Since Dr. Pat thinks the first cave was to the north of Doctor Pat’s work cave the decision is easy to make. They find some signs of a recent crossing of the creek and decide to follow.
They then come upon a lone teepee. Jeb decides to sneak up on it while the others hide the horses in some nearby trees and he almost gets to the teepee’s side when a young Indian woman comes out and screams, running back inside. After Evelyn and Jeb lift the side and threaten the young woman drops the gun she’s using to defend the man inside and they enter. The rest of the Posse join them shortly after wards and find that the man inside is the injured scout that Evelyn shot out of the tree the night before.
Evelyn through intimidation insists that the indian help the Posse find the cave or caves where Dr. Pat was taken and also where to find Raven the leader of the Raven Society. He starts to talk but is angry and argues against the value of any of it, also revealing that the Deadwood mining Association leader Frank Bryant and his buddies have been sabotaging the mines and blaming it on the spirits and that they were also responsible for the death of Standing Horse.

Investigation, Fire Suffocation, and Bloody Confrontation

Investigation, Fire Suffocation, and Bloody Confrontation

After discussion of the note about Dr. Pat and what to do about it, the posse split up to investigate and see if they can get answers to some critical questions. Who were those braves that ambushed them? Is this the day of the S&R attempt or tomorrow? Who’s behind this Doctor napping? Who can we get to help us?

Meanwhile Dancing Crow goes to the nearest of the Sioux villages to tell them about the two braves and deliver their medicine bags. While there she talks to several people about the Raven Society and what happened. She also learns that Crazy Horse is in town about his brother’s body and the investigation into Standing Horse’s death and the Shaman suggests that next time she not hand over bodies of Sioux braves to white men.

The Reverend, Corky, Joe, Jeb and Daren stay in Deadwood and make arrangements for someone at the hotel to watch Dr. Pat’s room and they go over to the Sheriff’s office to talk with Seth Bullock. They find he is occupied in a tense discussion with Crazy Horse regarding his brother’s body. Crazy Horse is demanding the body. The other two braves are brought out along with Standing Horse and Crazy Horse looks at them all. He identifies the two warriors and brothers of the Sioux tribe: Brule. He says “everyone knows about the Raven Society, we just don’t talk about it.” It’s a tense moment but eventually they leave with the bodies and the Posse get to talk with Seth Bullock about their missing Doctor. He is naturally concerned and offers two of his deputies to accompany the Posse when they talk with and arrange the exchange with Dr. Fudge. They will of course not be working with the Posse in an official or obvious way. Dancing Crow manages to rejoin them towards the end of encounter.

Meanwhile, Evelyn is using her investigative instincts to gather information from the saloons and other places in Deadwood. She gets a tip about a shipment coming in to the city from S&R so she talks with the Station Master and learns about a delicate shipment for the attempt to put out Satan’s garden planned for that day. She also learns that the Claims and Assaying office would have the information about the attempt as well and that the head of the office is a Giuseppe Maraposa.

She ends up talking with a clerk over at the Claims and Assaying office of Deadwood who confirms the plan for the attempt and confides in her that he finds it odd that the Indians are the ones who due to the Treaty get the money or compensation for the mining operations around Deadwood but that none of them seem to be running the Claims and Assaying office itself. He says it’s odd that they would trust white men with this when they don’t trust them for much else.

Since the train coming in with the S&R shipment is due at 2 pm the Posse plus two undercover deputies meet the S&R man Lenny Boyer at the station and accompany him and his tanks to the Chance Venture Mine (A.K.A. Satans Garden). They also meet six scruffy looking fellows led by a Phillip who claim to have been sent by the Miners Association and Frank Bryant to observe the proceedings. At the edge of town they are also joined by their escort of six Indian Braves.

This group is met out at the safe distance mark from the Mine by Dr. Fudge and his colleague Dr. Thaddeus Wright who with Lenny’s help set up the device closer in to the Mine fire. The device that Andrew Fudge is testing for S&R is known as the Extinguisher 1000. It is a massive compressor that turns the contents of the tanks brought by Lenny into a thick foamy concoction that it shoots out and coats the rock face. It then hardens. They seem to be successful and after awhile the Doctors take off their helmets and start to disassemble the device.

Corky and some of the others go down to explain the situation to Dr. Fudge and after some consideration and a discussion with his colleagues Dr. Fudge says he’s willing to help. Then one of the young white ruffians starts shooting at the Indians. The rough looking fellows had started flanking the scientists on one side and then the Indian Braves on their horses started moving up as well. It doesn’t go well as nearly everyone on each side is wounded and most of Phillip’s guys are bleeding out on the ground because the Posse in the middle decide to shoot them instead of the Indians.

(After the blood smell hits the air from all the people bleeding out, some of the Posse are struck once more by the Wendigo Taint, but with some effort they manage to control themselves before any one witnesses actual eating of flesh.)

There are three warriors among the Indians who are Raven Society members who tried to snatch Dr. Fudge during the fight. The Posse begins to heal and interrogate the Indians and Philip’s group. When one of the Raven Society members is asked why he was trying to snatch the Doctor, he replies “why weren’t you?” Phillip is intimidated into telling who sent his guys: a Maraposa. He says he was told that the Posse would need help with the Indians. . .so it looks as though the people who have Doctor Pat are Indians, probably Raven Society, or maybe it’s this Maraposa? The Posse have much to do and decide.


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