Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Christian's Folly

Christian’s Folly
The next morning the Posse investigate more after over hearing the deputy talking to someone about the bank.  In that conversation they learn that someone has been passing gold nuggets that are only painted gold.  They also find out more about the history of Morris’ Mansion and that it was owned by the fellows who bought the Christian’s Folly mine.  A mine that they’ve heard about recently (in jail) too.   (Former owners of the house lost their shirts on that mine: Julius Williamson, and Jack “Pappy” Harris ) This leads them to investigate the mine but since no one knows where it is, they head north out of town to find a local man named Crazy Nate, reputed to be “crazier than moon pie but real familiar with the parts here about”  It is hoped that this would be porcine husband can help the Posse locate the old burnt down ghost town and mine.
The Posse head north along the Animas river, and by afternoon manage to track down Crazy Nate at his camp fire.  The ol’Coot takes a liking to Evelyn (though he can’t figure out how to court her properly) and they soon have directions, though he asks they bring him an iron frying pan and a toothbrush in repayment.  
Heading north following ol Nate’s directions the Posse come to a good place to dry gulch someone and wouldn’t you know it! they see a couple of figures silhouetted against the late afternoon sun who then shoot at them. The Posse being a generous lot return the gift of lead in full, and then some! all resulting in a blood bath. Of the two ambushing Indians coming behind the group, only one survives to be healed and is sent home to the Ute tribe’s camp after a lecture.
Continuing north based on the directions the Posse find the burnt out husks of the once hopping Boom town of Christian’s Folly. (The sign said population 33, though it had obviously been changed a lot.)  As it’s almost sunset by the time they get to the ghost town, the Posse decide to bunk down in one of the buildings that’s in better condition and where they can have a fire without it being observed.
The next morning after breakfast the Posse follow the box canyon all the way to the back to where the entrance to the actual mine is located.  They find two entrances and decide to use the one with the cart tracks.  After sneaking a bit they stealthily come upon four fellows sitting around a table playing cards.  Evelyn thinks they look a bit rough, like the sort who rob and kill for a living.  The Posse launch into action and get the drop on these fellows.  Their names are:  Barry “Big City” Greenwich, Clyde Miller, Henry Smith, and Thomas Little.
After securing the prisoners they investigate a bit further and find an old open air winch operated elevator to a lower level that they can look down into.  What they see looks like a combination of someone’s kitchen and a work room all set up in a partially natural cave.   After some discussion and the planting of a crudely written note: “we’ll be right back” the Posse takes their prisoners back to Lazarus.
The Sheriff is happy to lock em up for Evelyn and will look into their stories and see if there are any outstanding warrants on them.  Evelyn returns with the Reverend to see Crazy Nate to thank him with the frying pan and tooth brush.  Nate is completely undone and proposes to the frying pan.


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