Cursed together - A.K.A. Deadlands at Kitten Lair

Spider, Spider, who's got a Spider?!

Spider, Spider, who’s got a Spider?!
The Posse finish their day in Lazarus staying at the Thunder Horse Saloon and Hotel.   They gather some more information and make some good conversations with the locals.  Henry Kane comes in and lets Dr. Pat know that in two days there’s to be a reading of the will again and that the heir should attend.
In the morning the Posse head off to the Mansion again with workers to help put up a barracks and begin building other parts of what will become Morristown. 
While the ghost Uncle Morris watches and fusses over the workers efforts, Jeb undertakes his assaying project to see if the land has any potential for mining and Dancing Crow with Daren’s assistance prepares herself to go on a vision quest.  Jeb notes some suspicious earth disturbance.  One of the stakes he’d put up for a guide to building placement was pushed out or fell over due to upheaval and falling of the dirt – also the dirt was loose.  Frightened, Jeb sought out the others for help.
Together, the group find a sunken hole.  Dr. Pat gets in the hole with a shovel and starts digging and after a while breaks through to an opening that’s suddenly bursting with a swarm of fist sized spider things.  After shots are fired and Evelyn up ends some whiskey and sets it aflame, the swarm is dispersed.  Concerned about the Mansion and its weird vibe, the Reverend has been preparing to do prayers and try to drive the evil out, after this event he becomes even more convinced of the necessity. 
Dancing Crow goes on her vision quest and discovers a few interesting details in the Hunting Grounds about the situation.  First she’s convinced the Mansion was built over or destroyed a tree that was important spiritually.  While investigating a series of tunnels underground in the Hunting Grounds she encounters a body of a man – though faceless she believes it represents the White Man Morris Marsh – Dr. Pat and Corky’s ghost uncle because the body is dressed in a smoking jacket or bathrobe.  She follows some tunnels through the ground to an opening inside a well – the one in the basement of the Mansion.  Then continuing through the tunnels filled with evil sounds of whispers and movement out of the corner of her eyes, she sees the White Man again only this time the body is mobile, animate, and she follows him, or it, out of the tunnels and finds herself in the White Man’s town of Lazarus.  In Lazarus there is nothing moving, no sign of anyone alive at all.
After this she comes out of her trance and talks with the rest of the Posse about what she saw.  Conclusions about what she saw are that Uncle Morris and his attempt at a spell are probably to blame for the Mansion’s evil vibe.  It also seems obvious that the well in the cellar must be investigated again since before they only sent Uncle Morris down to look.
Going to the cellar door the Reverend finds he can’t open the door.  When forced open a seething mass of the fist sized spiders comes out again.  The Reverend slams the door shut.  Dr. Pat reaches into a pocket and pulls out a couple of vials and mixes something together and then the mixture is thrown down the stairs and the door slammed again.  After waiting a few seconds, suddenly there’s heavy thump! at the door, and againthump! even harder, the third time the door bursts open and huge (human sized) version of the spider attacks Dr. Pat.  Several shots later the huge thing is dead and the door is closed again.  Dr. Pat is frustrated and unhappy about being bitten and retires upstairs for a nap.
The rest of the Posse head down into the cellar, after getting Uncle Morris to recon again, and they fight the swarm and burn the spider webs until the place is clear again.  This time Daren is lowered by rope down into the well to see if he can find the opening because that huge Spider thing had to come from somewhere!  He almost doesn’t find the opening but happens to land his hand onto a carefully crafted trap door of dirt and webbing made to look like the stones of the well.  Dr. Pat is awakened and the whole group goes down to explore the tunnels and find the Momma spider nest and clear that thing out.
After going for a while through the tunnels the Posse feel air blowing in their faces so they follow that sign and come out into a larger area.  Immediately Daren and Corky fall into a web over a pit and are trapped there, though luckily they manage not to set fire to the webbing that’s supporting them.  Then two more of the larger spiders attack.  After defeating them the Posse manage to rescue their two trapped friends before another wave of spiders attack.  This time three come at them, one from the tunnel they came in from.  Cut off with a fourth Spider waiting in the wings to attack them, the Posse have no choice but to fight these frightening foes.  After killing all four, the Posse are tired but alive, but what will they do now?


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